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Tammy Rogers

Tammy Rogers

Buying Guides and Deals Writer

As the Buying Guides and Deals writer for iMore, Tammy puts over a decade of experience in finding the best prices of Apple products to work, helping you save money on the equipment that you want. An audiophile at heart, she’s still rocking an iPod video, and with her trusty old MacBook Pro by her side, she spends far too much time writing. While she may be the newest member of the iMore team, she’s bringing a unique take on the Apple ecosystem, and bringing back regular deals content to round out the iMore library. Just don’t ask her what she thinks of the AirPods Max - you probably won’t like her answer.

With a Masters in screenwriting, her love for words and story puts her in a great place to deliver engaging guides. Her hard drive is filled to the brim with short stories and screenplays - most of which will never see the light of day again. When not sat in front of a MacBook, she’s either rearranging a continuously burgeoning action figure collection or racing a digital car around a virtual track. Tammy would like to replicate the shared cockpit scene from Top Gun, only with Lewis Hamilton in an F1 car. Lewis is yet to reply to her emails.

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