Apple rumored to be working on new Smart Cover, going with Gorilla Glass 2 for iPhone 5

Yet more iPad 3 rumors today, including reports of Apple working on a new Smart Cover with a back, and sticking with the glass back for the iPhone 5. iLounge's Jeremy Horwitz says:

[The new Apple case] has a folding magnetized Smart Cover on the front, and a rear shell made from fiberglass covered with PU/bicast leather.Apple is nonetheless continuing to experiment with glass and ceramic rear shells for a future iPhone model. The upshot is that the new design would be like the iPhone 4, but thinner, thanks to Corning’s stronger Gorilla Glass 2 and the further reduction of internal components.

We took a look at Gorilla Glass 2 at CES and it could

Horwitz also says a larger screen for the iPhone 5 is still "in the cards", and echoes what iMore first reported over a week ago, that Apple is working on switching from the traditional 30-pin dock connector to a "micro-dock".

We're only days away from the iPad 3 event, but it'll probably be the fall before we see iPhone 5.

Rene Ritchie

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