AT&T Releases New (Still Expensive) Roaming Data Plans

Have an iPhone on AT&T and want to travel internationally without re-mortgaging your house to pay for the data roaming? You're in luck... mostly. Engadget says the USA's exclusive iPhone carrier has just released two new plans to help mitigate your risk: $119.99 for 100MB and $199.99 for 200MB.

Realizing AT&T does have to pay other carriers for any users on their networks, we still can't help but wonder if there's an ulterior motive... Given the poor marks AT&T's network received in Wired's survey when compared to European carriers, maybe Ma Bell is trying to dissuade frustrated users from fleeing the country? Unfortunately, these new plans are pretty much Rogers' 2006 domestic rates, and probably still competitive with several international carrier-gougers!

So, AT&T travelers, will these new plans encourage you to keep the data roaming enabled for your next trip?

Rene Ritchie

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