Avoid the big carrier trap - check out this iPhone 12 mini deal from Red Pocket

Red Pocket
Red Pocket (Image credit: Red Pocket Mobile)

Apple's new iPhone 12 mini may be one of the best smartphone deals around, as it offers all the power of the latest generation of iPhone in a compact form factor that costs just $729 unlocked. But, Red Pocket Mobile (opens in new tab) has an offer that makes that price even better, and it can save you a bunch of extra money each month with its low cost data plan.

Red Pocket is offering the iPhone 12 mini for sale at just $659 (opens in new tab) giving you a substantial discount right up front, which is not common for new Apple products. You can get this deal when you pair the iPhone 12 mini with Red Pocket's unlimited plan, which costs just $40/month and includes 20GB of data at 4G LTE speeds (10GB on CDMA/GSMT networks) along with unlimited calls (including calls to over 80 countries) and texts. This provides the most value for users on the expansive GSM network, but modest smartphone users on CDMA or GSMT networks will likely find 10GB can go a long way.

Red Pocket also throws in free AppleCare protection for up to three years while you're on that $40/month plan. AppleCare would normally cost you an extra $8.95/month, so that's no small savings. And, if anything happens to your phone, that AppleCare could save you even more to cover the cost of repairs.

The upfront discount of $78.95 is no small value, but Red Pocket still goes further to lessen the burden of purchasing a new phone. When you buy the iPhone 12 mini, you'll get a free SIM card (something carriers often charge for), and you'll have the option to finance the phone over 24 months, letting you make small payments of less than $30 each month.

So, how does this save you from big carriers? Many big carriers entice customers with discounts on new smartphones by requiring users to stay on one of their expensive unlimited plans while paying off the cost of the phone on a lengthy installment plan. Those unlimited plans can easily cost individual customers over $70/month just for the service, and then the price of the phone on top of that can push your monthly bill to over $100. When you buy your phone from a big carrier, they can also lock the device to their network until you've fully paid for it, so you may be stuck on their network for two years unless you pay off the remaining cost of the device in one lump sum.

Red Pocket makes this all a bit easier. It only requires you to stay on its network for 6 months, then it will unlock your iPhone 12 mini and you can switch to any carrier you like. But, if you stick with Red Pocket, you can keep saving money. Over the course of three years, the lower price of service and the free AppleCare for the iPhone 12 mini can add up to over $1,000 in savings compared to what you'd pay for AppleCare and unlimited service from a major carrier.

Red Pocket even competes with some of the perks of the major carriers. Red Pocket runs as an MVNO, which means its service runs on back of the major networks, So, if you already have coverage you like from your carrier, you should be able to maintain that coverage while switching to Red Pocket. Major carriers' unlimited plans may offer more data, but 20GB is more than enough to meet the needs of many users.

If you're wary of switching carriers, you can always see what Red Pocket customers have to say (opens in new tab) about the service. So, if want to snag the iPhone 12 mini, consider checking out this deal from Red Pocket (opens in new tab).