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There's no shortage of cheap flights online — you probably just don't know where to look. Granted, scouring for the best flight deals on the internet involves keeping a close eye on multiple airline sites, but not everyone has the time to sit and watch the prices fluctuate. No one has the energy to keep mixing and matching airlines either. The workaround? Subscribing to a service like Dollar Flight Club Premium to get the cheapest travel deals without even lifting a finger.

With a subscription, you receive regular email and mobile app alerts on flight deals, allowing you to book your dream vacation without springing so much for plane fares. All you have to do is pick and set up to five departure regions, wait for the alerts to trickle in, and book the cheapest flight you can. What's more, the plan also comes with exclusive perks from Dollar Flight Club's partners including Topo Designs, Huckberry, Fodor's Travel, as well as weekend warrior domestic deals if traveling across the country is your thing. No wonder over 800,000 people have subscribed to the service.

For a limited time, you can score a premium subscription to Dollar Flight Club for only $149. That's a 56 percent discount from the original cost of $345.