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Moment with Magsafe family 2d (Image credit: Moment)

MagSafe on the iPhone 12 has opened up all sorts of opportunities for accessories and Moment is making the most of these opportunities with a brand new line of MagSafe accessories (opens in new tab). Featuring mounts for your iPhone, mounts for your accessories, and cases, all compatible with MagSafe, these accessories are guaranteed to up your mobile photography and filming game.

Moment: Inspiring the creative in everyone

Whether you're an amateur photographer or a professional filmmaker, Moment was founded to help you get the most out of your moments. What started as a wildly successful Kickstarter, Moment has become a name not only in gear and accessories, but also a full on marketplace for creatives. The Moment community is made up of hundreds of thousands of photographers, filmmakers, and adventurers, all dedicated to getting the most out of every moment.

MagSafe Mounts to secure your iPhone and accessories

Once you've experienced the ease of Moment's new MagSafe mounts, you will never go back to traditional clamp accessories. Whether you're looking to mount your iPhone in your car, on a tripod, or just about anywhere, Moment has the right accessory for the job.

Moment Wall Mount with MagSafe (Image credit: Moment)

Moment Wall Mount for MagSafe

First up in Moment's new line is the Moment Wall Mount for MagSafe (opens in new tab). This mount is both small and super-thin, measuring at just 2.25 inches across, and is perfect for mounting your iPhone on just about any flat surface. On one side, this mount uses Moment's propriety (M)Force magnet array, while the other uses 3M adhesive. It also features a countersunk through-hole so you can screw it into a stud or drywall anchor.

Moment Car Vent Mount with MagSafe (Image credit: Moment)

Moment Car Vent for MagSafe

Whether you want your phone secure and accessible during your daily commute or you're setting off on a road trip, the Moment Car Vent for MagSafe (opens in new tab) attaches directly to the vent in your car with a rubberized press-fit attachment. The opposing end incorporates Moment's (M)Force magnet array as well, keeping your iPhone secure and still for the entire ride.

Moment Magsafe Coldshoe Mount (Image credit: Moment)

Moment Cold Shoe Mount for MagSafe

The mounts in Moment's new line aren't just for securing your iPhone in place. Moment's Cold Shoe Mount for MagSafe (opens in new tab) will also mount an accessory, such a light or microphone to your iPhone. This mount securely fits any standard cold shoe and the arm is adjustable to work with any size phone or case.

Moment Pro Tripod Mount with MagSafe (Image credit: Moment)

Moment Tripod Mounts with MagSafe

Moment's new line also includes three different tripod mounts with MagSafe. The Moment Tripod Mount with MagSafe (opens in new tab) works with any standard 1/4"-20 tripod to take incredible photos or videos in portrait or landscape. With a low profile aluminum construction, this mount is sleek and discrete and, like the other mounts, incorporates Moment's proprietary (M)Force magnet array for an extra secure fit. The line also includes the Moment Pro Tripod Mount with MagSafe (Landscape only) (opens in new tab) and Pro Tripod Mount with MagSafe (Portrait & Landscape) (opens in new tab) which incorporate the adjustable cold shoe arm to mount a light or mic while your phone is on the tripod.

Moment Multi Threaded Mount with MagSafe (Image credit: Moment)

Moment Multi Threaded Mount with MagSafe

For those looking to mount their iPhone to additional accessories, there is the Moment Multi Threaded Mount with MagSafe (opens in new tab). This mount was designed by the filmmakers at Moment to work with countless other accessories, including magic arms, rig mounts, and more. This cheese plate mount includes two 3/8" female threads and three 1/4"-20 female threads, allowing you to mount your phone wherever you want using any 1/4"-20 or 3/8" accessory.

Moment Pro mount thin case with MagSafe (Image credit: Moment)

Moment iPhone Cases with MagSafe

While Moment's new mounts are definitely the stars of this new line and can work great with or without a case, Moment also has two brand new iPhone 12 cases with MagSafe that you won't want to miss out on. These cases incorporate Moment's proprietary (M)Force configuration of magnets, providing extra security for your iPhone and accessories and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

First up is the Moment iPhone 12 Thin Case with MagSafe (opens in new tab). Super thin and sleek, while also soft to touch, this case supports both MagSafe charging and connection. This case boasts six foot drop protection and is made from polycarbonate and eco-friendly Bio-Plastic TPU. It's available for all four sizes of the iPhone 12 and four colors. Covered by a lifetime warranty, this case also includes a drop-in M-series lens interface.

For an extra layer of protection, Moment's iPhone 12 Case with MagSafe (opens in new tab) is the rugged, dual compound case you already love from Moment, but now with MagSafe compatibility. This case is made of eco-friendly Bio-Plastic TPU and also boasts a six foot drop protection. Available for all four sizes of the iPhone 12, it comes in black canvas and a sleek walnut wood. Like the thin case, this case also comes with the drop-in M-series lens interface making it compatible with any of Moment's M-series lenses, and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

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