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WD_Black P10 Game Drive Hero
WD_Black P10 Game Drive Hero (Image credit: WD)

WD_Black P10 Game Drive Hero

Source: WD (Image credit: Source: WD)

We're super close to the release of the next generation of gaming consoles, but you know what that really means for current-gen console owners? It means you've been buying games for a while! And most of those games have been digital. And you're probably hurting for storage. Big RPGs and open-world sandbox type games can be dozens of gigabytes in size, with some nearing 200GB if you include the base game and add-ons.

There's nothing worse than moving on from a game you love simply because you didn't have the space to keep it on your hard drive or memory card. You don't have to! Expand your storage and keep your games loading fast with a new game drive or microSD card. WD® and SanDisk® have been making excellent digital storage solutions for years. Both brands have product lines dedicated to compatibility with your consoles, whether you play on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or the Nintendo Switch™. The great thing about all these storage devices is that you can use them for so much more than just gaming, and because there are a variety of portable solutions you'll be able to start using them with your PC or laptop instead if you need.

The WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive is compatible with either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, so regardless of which console you prefer you can easily use this option. It comes in various storage capacities between 2TB and 5TB*, which can store up to 125 games(1). The footprint of the drive is smaller than the WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive, which means if you like to move it around or keep the drive hidden it's a bit easier.

Pricing varies as well between the P10 models, with the drives starting as low as $89.99 (MSRP). The WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive for Xbox One version comes in 1TB, 3TB and 5TB* of capacity and features a free, 2-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership which includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus access to 100+ high-quality console and PC games, which is pretty awesome.

The WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive is a 7200 RPM desktop external hard drive. With a capacity of 8TB* (which can hold about 200 games(1)), it's hard to argue with the advantages that this can bring to your gaming experience. It has a USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface, and transfer speeds of up to 250MB/s**, which means that your games will transfer and load super quickly. The two Type-A ports can be used to charge your game controllers and other accessories. The WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive for Xbox One version comes with 12TB* of capacity and a free, 3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

If you'll be gaming on a PC, the WD Black SN750 is definitely the drive to check out. Options start at just $77.99 (MSRP), which makes a great value especially for those looking to build new gaming PCs. The 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB* capacity versions feature a heatsink option, which is the perfect component to complement systems with RGB lighting and other cooling technologies, such as water cooling.

With this drive you'll notice faster load times, quicker transfer speeds, and more.

SanDisk also offers storage solutions for the Nintendo Switch. Designed, tested and approved for the Nintendo Switch game system, the officially-licensed SanDisk microSDXC card lets you add up to 256GB* of space to your portable console. Perfect for keeping your favorite games in one place, so you can travel light and play anywhere, anytime. Trust SanDisk as you conquer new levels. Prices start at just $18.49 (MSRP) for 64GB*.

* As used for storage capacity, 1GB = 1 billion bytes and 1TB = one trillion bytes. Actual user capacity may be less depending on operating environment.

** As used for transfer rate, 1 MB/s = 1 million bytes per second. Based on internal testing; performance may vary depending upon host device, usage conditions, drive capacity, and other factors.

(1) Number of games based on a 36GB average per game. The number of games will vary based on file size, formatting, other programs, and factors.

Product specifications subject to change without notice. Pictures shown may vary from actual products. Western Digital Technologies, Inc. is the seller of record and licensee in the Americas of SanDisk products.

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