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The constant barrage of news about the coronavirus outbreak is enough to stress anyone out. And now that we're all pretty much mandated to stay at home with a smaller pool of activities to keep us preoccupied, it can be hard not to wallow in the headlines.

Now may be the perfect time to start meditating. The MindFi Mindfulness app can help us kickstart a meditation habit.

Formerly named as Apple App of the Day, this app is designed to help us destress, reduce distractions, and improve relationships. It's created by a team of meditation and neuroscientists and throughout the day, it sends four different mindfulness modes: quick, haptic breathing exercises, a short yet relevant meditation perfect for particularly busy days, a focus on your to-dos with the Pomodoro timer, and a 10-minute closed-eye meditation for stress relief.

You can also begin and end your day with 10-minute mindfulness courses ranging from sleep to leadership and a whole lot more. To track your progress, you can try the research-backed exercises. No wonder Forbes said hyped it as the "perfect app for every aspiring meditator."

Find peace during this difficult time with a lifetime subscription to MindFi. It usually retails for $365, but for a limited time, you can get it on sale for $39.