Missing the included iPhone 12 charger? Stay topped up with this portable plug.

Anker Charger Clear Large
Anker Charger Clear Large (Image credit: Anker)

Anker Charger Box Contents

Anker Charger Box Contents (Image credit: Anker)

The iPhone 12 has hit the streets, but it comes void of a wall charger. Luckily, Anker has one of the best iPhone 12 chargers available today.

The Anker Nano is a compact wall charger that outputs 20W, taking full advantage of Apple's new fast-charging protocol. That means more power in less time.

The Anker Nano is about the size of a quarter, yet it efficiently delivers 20W of power. It can charge your iPhone 12 up to three times faster than a proprietary Apple charger, and it'll keep your other USB-C devices topped off too.

Topping off batteries or giving them a full charge takes time, and time is something of a luxury these days. Thankfully, there's a better way to keep your devices powered on. The Anker Nano has 20W of output and supports the iPhone 12's new fast-charging protocol. For you, that equals more free time because everything happens at a quicker pace.

It takes only 30 minutes to charge your phone up to 50-percent with the Anker Nano. Thanks to Anker's PowerIQ 3.0 technology, charging is fast and efficient, making it one of the best iPhone 12 chargers on the market today.

The Anker Nano is three times faster than the proprietary wall charger that Apple shipped in the past, so you can now charge your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and other USB-C devices in the time it used to take to top your phone.

Keeping all your devices powered on and in business is a time-consuming process, especially when you're working with old school wall chargers. Apple proprietary AC adapters output 5W, so it takes at least an hour and a half to charge an iPhone.

The Anker Nano uses PowerIQ 3.0 technology that marries with the iPhone 12's built-in fast-charging technology. Plug your iPhone 12 into the Anker Nano for 15 minutes, and your iPhone 12 will have enough power to make it through the afternoon.

Weighing as little as a AA battery and measuring a smidge over an inch, the Anker Nano is a tiny high-speed charger that works with iPhones, iPads, AirPods, and all of your USB-C smartphones, tablets, and toys.

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