Game the quarantine away with this HP setup

Omen Obelisk Lifestyle
Omen Obelisk Lifestyle (Image credit: HP)

Omen Obelisk Lifestyle

Source: HP (Image credit: Source: HP)

Many of us are now into our fifth week of being stuck at home. If you're looking for a way to disengage and pass the time, might we propose a sweet gaming rig? Whether you're looking for fast-paced gunplay, mind-bending strategy, or relaxing exploration, there are plenty of games out there to keep you occupied. If you need new gaming gear, HP's got you covered.

From now until May 3, get an extra 10% off select HP monitors and 20% off select accessories with the purchase of a consumer HP PC (opens in new tab). You can also get 20% off an additional monitor or accessory on buying any other monitor or accessory. In short, you'll get access to everything you need to stop worrying and game the quarantine away.

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Destiny 2

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With either the OMEN X 2S RTX Studio (opens in new tab) or the OMEN Obelisk (opens in new tab) at the heart of your system, and kitted out with the right accessories, you'll be set to handle the long haul. These times can be incredibly trying if you don't have a means of occupying yourself. With the gear above, that'll no longer be a problem. You can put together a PC setup anyone would be proud of, and game the quarantine away.

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