Grab your favorite Griffin accessories for all your devices

Man at desk with range of Griffin accessories and other devices
Man at desk with range of Griffin accessories and other devices (Image credit: Griffin)

With everything that has changed over the past several months, you need to be able to keep your devices juiced up and ready to go no matter where you are. You can't afford to be caught somewhere with a dead phone, tablet, or computer.

Whether you picked up the new iPhone 13 or are still going strong with an older model, battery anxiety is a real thing. Watching your battery life slowly drain down throughout the day, knowing you've still got a lot to do and plenty of people to talk to can certainly add some unneeded stress to your day.

Thankfully Griffin makes it easier than ever to grab many of its best chargers and cables for the iPhone.

Griffin has made quality cases, chargers, cables, and other accessories for years and are one of the most trusted brands for mobile accessories, and they've brought some of their best chargers and accessories to Verizon.

If you happen to use an iPhone 12 or 13, you'll know that Apple did not include a charging brick in the box with your $800+ phone so be sure to pick up Griffin's 20W USB-C charger to power up your phone.

Even though Apple didn't include the charger, they did make the new iPhones capable of charging at faster speeds than previous generations so that 20W charger will help get charged up in no time.

It never hurts to have a couple extra cables on hand though, particularly if you live in a house full of iPhone users. Charging cables tend to be a hot commodity in Apple households. Griffin is offering its 5ft, Premium Braided USB-C to Lightning cable so you can reach your plugs with a cable that will last you a long time. You can also grab a few more standard USB-A to Lightning cables to keep on hand if you need to juice up from an older charger.

For those of you with an iPad or MacBook to complement your iPhone, pick up a USB-C cable or two so you can charge them up as well. And for those MacBook users, Griffin is offering its Elevator Laptop Stand so you can help ease the strain on your neck and shoulders while you're working.

And yes, there's wireless charging as well. Check out Griffin's 15W Wireless Charging Pad that makes for a great, and convenient, way to keep you unplugged throughout the day.

Whether you need to stay charged while at home or out on the go throughout the day, Griffin has got you covered. Grab everything you need, now at Verizon.

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