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Imore Ibypasser Unsplash (Image credit: Unsplash)

Have you ever found yourself locked out of your own iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? Apple's iCloud Lock is built to ensure that if your phone is stolen, thieves can't get into it. But what if you legitimately get your phone from a friend or family member, and find yourself iCloud locked out of it? In case you're wondering how to bypass the activation lock, that's where iMyFone iBypasser comes in.

The tool can be helpful in a variety of situations. For example, it can help in case you got your hands on a second-hand iPhone that's locked to the old uers. Or, perhaps you reset the device and forgot the activation lock password for your own phone. Last but not least, it can be helpful in case your Apple ID has been hacked, and the attacker has deactivated your device.


iBypasser (Image credit: iMyFone)

iBypasser supports a wide range of devices too. You can use it for iPhone 5S to iPhone X devices, as long as they're running the right versions of iOS. You can also use the software with a variety of iPad models, and even the iPod Touch 6 and 7. On the MacOS side, you'll need MacOS 10.13 to MacOS 10.15. That's good news for those who need the iPad activation lock bypass code.

The way iBypasser works is pretty ingenious. It actually jailbreaks your device to gain access to it, after which you can use your phone in the vast majority of situations. After iBypasser jailbreaks your iPhone, you can use it as normal except for making phone calls, using it with cellular, and accessing your original Apple ID.


iBypasser (Image credit: iMyFone)

Of course, it's not just about how it works behind the scenes -- it's also about the overall user interface, and the iBypasser user interface is well-designed and easy to use.

iBypasser is relatively inexpensive too. iMyFone offers a free trial, with which you can use the software to see if your phone is compatible and make sure everything works. You can then get a subscription to the service for only $39.95 for one device for one month, or $49.95 for one device for a whole year. Alternatively, you could simply get a lifetime plan, which supports anywhere from five to unlimited iOS devices, and starts at $69.95. iBypasser offers a 30-day money back guarantee, free lifetime upgrades, and technical support.

Interested in bypassing the iPhone activation lock for yourself? Or perhaps you need it for the iPad activation lock? You can get iBypasser for yourself straight from the iMyFone website.

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