Back in our PhoneDifferent days (seems so long ago, no?) all of our sister websites (, WMExperts, & TreoCentral) did a trial run of each Smartphone and offered thoughts and opinions about each one. It was an interesting experiment because each handheld got a unique look from the different smartphone userbases. Going along with our theme of "How to Fix the iPhone", we've decided to bring back the Round Robin Links for you guys to see what Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile users thought of our beloved device.

Long Live the King

Before we get started with the other folk's take on the iPhone, it's good to remember why the iPhone is the best device out there. Mike Overbo, Editor Emeritus, realizes that the iPhone isn't perfect but has come to believe that the iPhone's future is the biggest reason he switched. In this article, he takes a look at each device that participated in the Round Robin (Blackberry Curve, AT&T Tilt, and Treo 680) and gives an in-depth look at what's good, bad, and where the iPhone can learn.

Read on for the rest of the links!

First Look, Final Review from Crackberry's Kevin

Crackberry has been the butt of a lot of TiPb's jokes/articles recently because it's hilarious to poke fun of its shortcomings but honestly, the reality of it is: RIM is the Number 1 Smartphone Maker and they have proven that their devices matter to their users, therefore their users opinion's matter to the rest of the Smartphone Industry. Kevin's take on the iPhone is that it should have been called the iGadget and that the iPhone is great at everything the Blackberry is terrible at and vice versa.

First Look, Final Review from Jennifer Chappell of TreoCentral

Hey, Palm still exists? We kid, we kid. One of her biggest gripes about the iPhone was the lack of 3rd party apps, which is fair coming from a Palm user's incredibly vast software selection. Luckily, that problem will be solved next month! Aside from that, she found the iPhone to be a great device--awesome UI, sweet web browsing, and just loved the overall experience. 

First Look, Final Review from WMexperts (and now TiPb's) Dieter Bohn

Hey, looks like our good friend/editor has grown a bit and joined the greener/TiPb side since getting his hands on the iPhone. He realized that the iPhone is completely different from the Windows Mobile platform and came up with a hilariously great analogy.

Basically, my week with the iPhone was like a week at a posh resort - I wasn't as connected as I usually am, I didn't get very much done, but damn if I didn't enjoy the view.

If you're part of the WinMob and thinking of moving to the iPhone, you should read Dieter's article for some advice and notes about the differences.

Overall, the Round Robin was a great idea to get each user community excited about another device. It gave the readers of each site well-informed looks of the devices that stepped away from the usual fanboy (or fangirl) speak. Hopefully, we can provide you guys with another Round Robin later this year with the iPhone 3G, Blackberry Bold, Sony XPERA X1, and Palm...wait the Treo 850 is a new device? I swear I saw that thing 5 years ago. Again, I kid. I kid.