Incase introduces their responsibly designed case for MacBook Pro

Incase Macbookprothunderbol
Incase Macbookprothunderbol (Image credit: Incase)

Incase designed the original MacBook hardshell, and they've introduced two new models made just for the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Both hardshells are responsibly designed, fully recyclable, and defend your MBP against scratches, dings, and things that go bump in the night. You can pick these up today directly from Incase, from Apple, from JB Hi-Fi if you're in Australia, and TMall if you're in China.

Why Incase?

Incase is the number one global leader in MacBook protection, and they've held that spot for 11 years running. Incase isn't one of those companies that puts out hundreds of designs a year, hoping one will stick.

Incase does things right. They carefully craft hardshells with precise cutouts for your MacBook's ports, lights, and buttons. Every case is form-fitted to protect each corner and port from damage.

And unlike other hardshell cases, Incase's injection-molded construction allows for thorough ventilation to keep your MacBook from overheating while you're logging long hours behind the keyboard.

Meet the team: 16-inch Hardshell Dots

Your MacBook Pro is streamlined and thoughtfully designed, and let's face it; it's a beauty to behold. Why cover it up with something that doesn't live up to Apple's high standards or yours?

Incase Dots

Incase Dots (Image credit: Incase)

The 16-inch Hardshell Dots from Incase is a refined and lightweight hardshell case that perfectly fits every rounded corner on your MacBook Pro. All ports and buttons remain accessible, and rubberized feet line the bottom to keep your laptop running cool no matter what you're doing.

The Hardshell Dots is designed of premium Bayer Makrolon, a durable, lightweight material that gives reliable protection against abrasions and impacts. And it's glass-like transparency helps the natural beauty of your MacBook Pro shine through.

The Hardshell Dots comes in black or clear, and neither choice gets in the way of your work or your Mac's design.

Incase Textured Hardshell

Incase Hardshell Texture

Incase Hardshell Texture (Image credit: Incase)

The 16-inch Textured Hardshell from Incase is designed to take hits in any weather. It safeguards your MBP from bumps, impacts, and scratches with a combination of materials. Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate is married together with a Woolenex overlay. The unique combo gives your MacBook a barrier against slips and scratches, plus an abrasion-resistant fabric that repels anything Mother Nature can throw your way.

Available in graphite and blush pink, the Textured Hardshell from Incase gives you easy access to ports, repels moisture and mildew, and has rubberized feet to help your MacBook's fan work optimally.

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