Level up the protection for your new iPhone 15 with ESR MagSafe cases

ESR MagSafe cases
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It’s finally here! No, not sweater weather, crisp autumn leaves, and pumpkin-flavored everything—the iPhone 15! With all the excitement that the launch of a new iPhone brings, it’s probably likely you’ve already made a pros and cons list on whether you should upgrade. If you have, it is also likely that the limited lineup of accessories available for a new device at launch hit your list of cons. That doesn’t have to be an issue if you’re considering an iPhone 15, however, as ESR already has you covered.

ESR was founded in 2009 to make tech easier to use and more accessible. This goal has been realized with a lineup of Apple-certified MagSafe charging devices that unlock the full potential of rapid wireless charging while still looking aesthetically pleasing and being easy to use. MagSafe certification isn’t just something to consider when it comes to choosing a charging station, however. You’ll also want to find a case that is well-suited to protecting your smartphone without hindering its feature set.

ESR MagSafe cases with Stash Stand for the iPhone 15 can level up the protection of your phone while still letting you make the most of what it has to offer. Features like adjustable viewing angles, drop protection, and unobstructed wireless charging can be found across ESR cases. ESR cases are MagSafe-compatible and offer SGS-certified military-grade protection with or without a Stash Stand, meaning you can charge your iPhone 15 wirelessly and without obstruction while also continuing to use and view your phone from a comfortable angle. Watch whenever, MagSafe whenever.

ESR MagSafe cases

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Watch whenever, MagSafe whenever

ESR’s patented protective cases feature a special bracket component that allows the user to benefit from having a flip out cell-phone stand while still offering protection to the phone’s camera when closed. Known as the Stash Stand, this nifty little attachment sits at the point where form and function meet.

The Do-It-All Stash Stand case is an all-in-one protective cover for your iPhone 15 that features military-grade protection and ESR’s HaloLock technology. A thinner back and powerful magnets with 1500g of holding force lock on to all MagSafe accessories, allowing your phone to charge wirelessly up to an hour faster than with alternative cases. 

The sleek, barely-there 1.5mm casing of the Do-it-all Stash Stand allows MagSafe charging to pass through fast enough to fully charge an iPhone 15 Pro Max quicker than competitors on the market. In addition to MagSafe charging support, the Do-it-all Stash Stand also features a zinc-alloy kickstand that is sturdy enough to support your iPhone in a usable position while you’re watching your favorite shows or playing your favorite games.  

Whatever your use case may be, the Stash Stand liberates your hands so that you can get more done while still enjoying your iPhone while also protecting it from drops, cracks and scratches.

Cloud Soft case with Stash Stand

A hard protective case isn’t for everybody, even when it’s as slim as the Do-it-all Stash Stand. For those of us that want a softer case that is visually appealing and capable of unobstructed fast charging, there’s the Cloud Soft Case with Stash Stand. The Cloud Soft Case from ESR features HaloLock technology and supports up to 1,200g of locking power from its built-in magnets. 

ESR MagSafe cases

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The Soft silicone provides a better feel and grip to your iPhone 15 while still providing military-grade protection. Meanwhile, the zinc alloy Stash stand provides ample protection for the camera lens and serves as an effective kickstand so that you can watch and scroll on your iPhone 15 while enjoying all the same MagSafe-friendly rapid charging that the Do-it-all Stash Stand has to offer.

Classic Hybrid Case with Stash Stand 

ESR offers a Classic Hybrid Case featuring both a Stash Stand and HaloLock technology for the all-new iPhone 15 Pro that protects your smartphone investment without detracting from its design. The Classic Hybrid Case for the iPhone 15 benefits from ESR’s MagSafe technology with, 1500g of holding force via built in magnets, so you can trust its safely secured during wireless charging. The built-in Stash Stand provides protection for the camera lens while also providing a useful stand for hands-free viewing and with a hinge that is lab-tested to retain its strength for more than 3,000 uses. 

The Stash Stand isn’t for everybody. If you prefer the sleek look of a clear acrylic case that is lightweight and protective but still want the benefit of ESR HaloLock technology with MagSafe certification, the Classic Hybrid Case or Air Armor Clear Case Set may be for you. The Classic Hybrid Case features HaloLock tech for a secure 1500-g magnetic lock with MagSafe accessories and provides full military-grade protection in a sleek, clear acrylic casing.

ESR MagSafe cases

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Armor Tough Case with Stash Stand

For more advanced protection, the Armor Tough Case with Stash Stand has a built-in magnetic ring that is 100% unobstructed for full MagSafe compatibility and provides 1,500g of holding force for all your MagSafe chargers and accessories. It also lets you enjoy stable hands-free viewing in portrait and landscape at any angle between 15° and 85°, giving you the perfect way to FaceTime or catch up on your favorite shows while you relax. Exclusively for the  iPhone 15 Pro Max, this case includes individual tempered-glass camera lens protectors. 

ESR’s Armorite screen protectors are tested to 3 military-grade standards, including a 110-pound pinpoint force test, a 10,000x scratch test, and a 4-ft ball-drop test. They are micro-curved to ensure full-screen protection of your iPhone, while individual HD Lens protectors help provide equal protection for your camera lens without affecting or distorting your iPhone’s photo quality. 

ESR MagSafe cases

(Image credit: ESR)

Level up protection with ESR

ESR MagSafe cases with Stash Stand for the iPhone 15 can level up the protection of your phone while still letting you make the most of what it has to offer. For additional protection, ESR Armorite screen protectors and privacy protectors can ensure the longevity of your new iPhone screen with military-grade scratch and drop resistance. You can rest assured you’re getting the most from your iPhone 15 while keeping it safe and secure with MagSafe-compatible cases and Armorite protection from ESR. 

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