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The evaLIGHT Plus is a portable, USB-powered personal cooling system that's been making this scorcher of a summer much more manageable.

The system is pretty straightforward. You plug it in over microUSB, even using power from your laptop or a backup battery if you like. You fill up the 1 L tank with water, which gets slurped up by internal evaporative cooling pads. Then the fan kicks in on the other side of those pads, blowing cool, moist air out of one side. You can tilt the vent up and down, and crank the fan into high or low gears using the navigation dial on the top.

In the summertime, I avoid turning on my home air conditioning as much as possible. Electricity rates in Ontario are pretty high, and I don't need to cool my whole home when I'm mostly staying in one spot during the day. The evaLIGHT Plus is able to keep me from melting into a puddle while I'm working at my desk, but uses considerably less power (not to mention being quieter) than my home A/C.

It's equally well-suited for the bedside. The evaLIGHT earns its namesake from an LED tucked at the bottom of the water tank, which you can adjust to a variety of colors and brightnesses. Certainly a handy nightlight. The tank is big enough to cool for 3 to 8 hours, depending on local humidity levels. I've found it's enough to get me through a workday, and thanks to the built-in timer, you can have it going just long enough overnight.

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You might be a little worried about having that much moisture gathering up in one enclosure for an extended period, but the cooling pads use an inorganic basalt-based compound that doesn't produce mold. This patented material, evaBreeze, even purifies the air when in use. Each evaBreeze cartridge lasts between three and six months, depending on air quality, and is fully biodegradable.

It's worth highlighting the portability of this unit. It's about the size of a basketball, and not too heavy. The tank stays secure when stowed, and besides the microUSB cable, there aren't any other parts to keep tabs on. It was super easy to pack away for a weekend at the cottage which doesn't have any A/C on its own.

The evaLIGHT plus tackles the simple goal of staying cool with a different strategy that you might not be used to, but dang if it doesn't work well. The worst part of it for me was that the fan could be a little loud when it was cranked onto full blast, but even that was a minor issue. For keeping yourself nice and comfortable as the summer heats up, this personal cooling unit does the job well.

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