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This new Mac app bundle will improve your life if you're stuck working from home

(Image credit: Stack Commerce)

Now that more and more people has been mandated to work from home due to coronavirus, we have to do everything in our power to stay productive. And while it's now perfectly normal to work in your pajamas, you should still make it a point that you're crossing out everything on your to-do list instead of dozing off or gluing your eyes to Netflix.

To help your reach peak efficiency even while working from home, grab the 2020 Mac Productivity Essentials Bundle, which comes packed with every tool you need to boost your productivity.

For just $29.99, you can gain access to nine different apps, all of which are designed to supercharge your Mac. To start, there's the award-winning PDF editor, PDF Reader Pro, which makes it easy to annotate and sign PDFs without the office printer around to print and scan documents. You'll also get Amadine, a vector graphics software that makes quick design asks simple to do yourself when the design team isn't around to help — and Movavi, an easy to use photo editor.

And because you won't be on a protected company network, you'll be happy to have access to FastestVPN, a tool that masks your IP address and protects your browsing activity from trackers and hackers. But perhaps best of all, the bundle offers a wide range of productivity apps. That includes Focus, which is perfect for blocking out distractions, and MultiDock, an app organizer that systemizes your folders, files, and software.

Additionally, the bundle includes Sticky Password, a password manager and form-filler that protects your online identity, and WindowSwitcher, a tool that organizes your windows in an easy-to-view display. Last but not least, ZapReader, a program that helps improve your reading speed, will make sure you're impressing the bosses even from afar.

When bought separately, these apps would set you back over $1,300, but for a limited time, you can get everything for only $29.99.