Protect your AirPods Charging Case with Incase

Incase Airpods Case Hero
Incase Airpods Case Hero (Image credit: Incase)

Convenient though it might be, the AirPods Charging Case isn't a particularly durable peripheral. That stylish, glossy surface tends to be prone to some pretty serious wear and tear, easily collecting all manner of dust, dirt, scratches, and scuff marks. Given that you're (presumably) taking your case with you wherever you go, it's not a question of if it'll get damaged, but rather one of when.

Enter Incase. A design-focused brand founded in 1997, it's always had a deep connection to Apple's products and the people who use them. For years, it's worked to meet the changing needs of its audience and the ever-expanding world of Apple.

Its line of protective shells for the AirPods Charging Case is born out of that work.

AirPods Pro Cases

AirPods Pro Cases (Image credit: Incase)

Designed with stylish refinement in mind, each case is form-fitting and lightweight while also providing exceptional protection against bumps, impacts, and scratches. Made out of a specialized, leather-like textured metallic material, a case's exterior is resistant to both stains and abrasions, tough enough to retain its appearance through whatever you subject it to in your day-to-day. Beneath the fabric-wrapped overlay, there's also a layer of injection-molded Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate, precisely fitted to prevent fraying.

Available in Rose Quartz, Black, and Grey, cases are compatible with both first and second-generation AirPods. More importantly, the 360-degree protection they offer doesn't require you to sacrifice a thing. You'll still have full access to your case's ports and buttons, as well as wireless charging on newer models.

Incase AirPods Cases

Incase AirPods Cases (Image credit: Incase)

Your AirPods are a cornerstone of how you connect with the world. They go where you go, whether that's at home, at the studio, at the gym, or the office. That can easily lead to a lot of wear and tear on the Charging Case, from scrapes and dirt to actual damage.

With Incase, you don't need to worry about any of that. You can protect the way you connect, and look good doing it, whether you're using 1st-gen AirPods, 2nd-Gen, or AirPods Pro. Learn more or buy a pair of your own here — and from now until May 15, use the code IM20-INC at checkout for a 20% discount.

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