RAMPOW's 61W wall charger is small in size and big on power

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Product In Hand (Image credit: RAMPOW)

The devices you rely on daily need a power source. For most of us, that means keeping track of and caring for numerous wall chargers of varying sizes, and that can be overwhelming.

And when you travel, there are few things more mind-numbing than packing up a collection of power bricks to keep your devices topped off. Most wall adapters are big, bulky, heavy, and take up too much precious space.

The RAMPOW 61W USB-C PD wall charger has completely changed the game. Their pocketable 61W PD wall charger works with most USB-C devices, so it'll power up and charge everything you own, including your tablet, laptop, phone, and e-reader while taking up little room.

With 61W output, the RAMPOW wall charger can fully charge your MacBook Pro in less than two hours, and it charges your iPhone up to 70-percent faster than your traditional charger. For those always on the move and short on time, this alone makes RAMPOW's charger a must-have.

But that's not all. The RAMPOW wall charger is universal, so it works with your laptop, phone, tablet, e-reader, fitness tracker, external hard drive, and other many other USB-C devices.

Best of all, RAMPOW's wall charger is less than half the size of a MacBook Pro charger, so it takes up less valuable space and works with nearly all of your portables.

Product Side

Product Side (Image credit: RAMPOW)

With GaN Tech and PI (Power Integration) chipsets, the RAMPOW wall charger delivers power quickly and more efficiently than standard industrial chargers. And with a foldable plug, this bad boy can be tossed in a briefcase, luggage, or even your pocket.

RAMPOW is the one charger that rules them all, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you need a packable, portable, efficient wall charger, this is the one to get.

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