Remote Control for Mac makes your iPhone the center of home media

Macs can make excellent home media centers, but it can be awkward setting up a mouse and keyboard to control it from the couch. It's even harder to pull that off if you're using Apple TV and AirPlay to mirror your Mac from elsewhere in the house. That's where apps like Remote Control for Mac (opens in new tab) come into play. With it, you can use your iPhone or iPad to type and move the cursor. A recent update even lets you get this all done with your Apple Watch! Let's dig in and see what else this app has to offer.

Firstly, you have a wealth of customizability available with Remote Control for Mac. You're able to set dedicated keys that launch your most-used apps and favorite websites. Once open, you have quick access to common tasks like minimize, quit, and go full screen. A handful of popular apps, like VLC, Spotify, Netflix, and iTunes have tailor-made controls, so you can easily change tracks, adjust volume, or the like.

For the apps that don't, you can build your own custom keypad. You can set these buttons to launch keyboard strokes, custom action scripts, app launches, or menu actions.

Systemwide actions like shutting down, sleeping, or locking your Mac are tucked away in the menu. For advanced users, it's possible to schedule these actions for later. Lots of these actions can be triggered through a Siri command, too. Desktop shortcuts give easy access to Mission Control, Launch Pad, multiple spaces, and AirPlay controls.

If you don't have your Mac displaying on a big screen, Remote Control for Mac lets you get a live view and remotely control entirely from your iPhone or iPad.

In terms of input, the trackpad and keyboard offered in Remote Control for Mac give you all the accuracy and function you need. A full suite of settings lets you tweak mouse input, ranging from double tap speed, tracking speed, scroll behavior, and mouse interface.

As you can see, Remote Control for Mac covers a lot of bases. If you've got a Mac somewhere in your house that you use for media management, Remote Control for Mac is a must-have.

IM Staff

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