Save nearly $100 on the SparkMaker SLA 3D Printer starter kit

You no longer need to be a fancy engineer in a white lab coat to take advantage of all that 3D printing has to offer, thanks to a growing number of powerful and affordable 3D printers that can do everything from build toys to car parts.

This SparkMaker Original SLA 3D Printer Starter Bundle is an affordable and easy way to break into the world of 3D printing, and it’s currently on sale for over 20% off at just $299.

Perfect for creating everything from small toys to scaled models of skyscrapers, this 3D printing kit allows you to build a virtually limitless number of objects in the comfort of your own home.

It comes with an SD card that features a variety of pre-loaded designs, and you’ll be able to bring your creations to shape with the press of a button.

This kit also prints at a pro-level 100µm XY resolution and up to 20µm Z layer thickness, and you’ll be able to easily monitor your print projects via an inset LED indicator light.

Embrace the world of 3D printing with the SparkMaker Original SLA 3D Printer Starter Bundle while it’s available for just $299—over 20% off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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