SpotCam takes security to the next level with its latest line

Spotcam Fhd 2 Hero
Spotcam Fhd 2 Hero (Image credit: SpotCam)

When it comes to protecting your home or your small business, finding the right security camera can be a real challenge. You want cameras that are easy to set up and use, all for a great price. SpotCam has the solution with its latest line of security cameras.

Spotcam Eva 2 Side (Image credit: SpotCam)

Trust SpotCam with your security camera needs

Founded by experts with years of experience in CCTV industry, SpotCam's team saw something sorely lacking in the industry's current offerings. To truly meet the needs of consumers, this team brings together experts in video streaming, cloud server storage, and web apps with the goal of shattering traditional ideas of CCTV products.

Whether using your iPhone, your iPad, or your Macbook, you always view your current feed, stored footage, and saved videos. SpotCam makes creating, sharing, and even streaming videos from your footage incredibly easy, while also utilizing bank-level encryption technology and SSL security to assure that no one else can see your footage.

What SpotCam is doing different

To truly revolutionize the security camera industry, SpotCam is the only cloud camera brand that provides free 24-hour continuous full time cloud recording forever - no more bulky DVRs! If you need more than 24 hours of video, SpotCam offers competitively priced packages with three days, seven days, or even 30 days of continuous video cloud storage, giving you flexible options to fit your needs and your budget.

SpotCam also features AI video analysis and is a leader in bringing AI service into home security cameras. With a variety of options for AI services, you can pick and choose the individual services you want or sign up for Indoor or Outdoor Service Packages. Some of the AI services offered by SpotCam include:

  • Face Recognition: SpotCam cameras can be trained to detect the faces of strangers, letting you know immediately, when a stranger comes onto your property.
  • Human Detection: Unlike normal motion detectors, SpotCam cameras use AI to differentiate people coming onto your property from animals or other objects.
  • Baby Crying Detection: Great for the nursery, your SpotCam cameras can use AI to detect a crying baby.
  • Missing Object: You can use the AI of your SpotCam cameras to keep watch for particularly valuable objects, alerting you immediately should someone move that object.
  • Pet Detection: Want to keep an eye on your furry friend from afar? SpotCam's AI can differentiate your pet's movements, sending you an alert when your pet is moving about.
  • Virtual Fence: Using SpotCam's AI, you can draw the boundaries of your property and SpotCam will alert you whenever anything crosses that line.
  • Vehicle Detection: SpotCam's AI doesn't just detect people and animals; it can also alert you to vehicles that park in your driveway or parking lot.
  • Fall Detection: Especially useful for keeping your aging parents safe in their homes, SpotCam's AI can detect when someone has fallen and isn't getting back up, alerting you immediately.

Most important, however, is SpotCam's app for iOS and Android. This app allows you to set up your SpotCam security cameras easily, see the live feed of your SpotCam cameras from your phone or tablet, as well as receive event alerts, all from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Whether in another part of your building or in another country, you can always access your footage from the palm of your hand.

Spotcam Eva 2 Big (Image credit: SpotCam)

SpotCam Eva 2

The latest in indoor cloud cameras from SpotCam, the Eva 2 supports 360-degree horizontal pan and 90-degree tilt. This little camera can produce HD 1080P videos at 30 frames per second. With SpotCam's human tracking function, the Eva 2 will make sure to follow the action for a perfect video every time. Each Eva 2 has a built-in microphone and speaker to support two-way audio, making it a great option for your nursery or to keep watch over your pet when you're away from home. With 8 High power IR LEDs, you'll get crisp, clean details, even at night.

Spotcam Fhd (Image credit: SpotCam)

SpotCam FHD 2

The latest in outdoor cloud cameras from SpotCam, the FHD 2 supports all the features of the Eva 2 except for human tracking, all in a waterproof and dustproof package. With 12 High-power IR LEDs, you can trust the FHD 2 to catch every detail, even in the dark of night. The FHD 2 isn't just waterproof and dustproof either; it will operate at temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F) and as high as 50°C (122°F). With a quick and easy setup right from your iPhone, you'll spend more time deciding where you want to put your SpotCam FHD 2 security cameras than you will actually setting them up.

SpotCam is the right choice for your security camera needs

Whether employing the indoor Eva 2 security cameras, the outdoor FHD 2 security cameras, or a combination of both, SpotCam has the products and services you need for your home or small business. As the only security camera on the market to come with 24-hour continuous cloud storage for a lifetime, you simply cannot find a better deal. With a competitively priced cloud NVR plan, you can store up to a month of continuous security footage to go back and review at your leisure. The SpotCam smart cloud cameras couldn't be easier to set up and use, all through the iOS app or your computer. It's easy to see why SpotCam's AI and security encryption are leading the industry and why you should trust them with your business or personal property.

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