These $200 Wireless Earbuds are now just $67

Bluetooth earbuds are more accessible than ever, but many of us are still hesitant to make the switch out of fear for poor battery life. If your active lifestyle doesn’t give you time to constantly recharge your earbuds, we understand your pain, and so does Kharbon Audio. Thankfully, their latest pair of Bluetooth earbuds boast several days worth of battery life, and you can get a pair on sale for just $67 when you use code MERRYSAVE15 at checkout.

The Kharbon IP67 Wireless Earbuds offer high-fidelity sound quality thanks to their graphene technology. They feature an ergonomic design with an extended ear canal tube to provide a comfortable fit, and as the name suggests, they have an IP67 waterproof rating, allowing you to enjoy your music when you’re powering through the gym, running in the rain, or even while swimming.

What truly sets the Kharbon earbuds apart is the portable charging case, which offers up to 150 hours of extended battery life. With this, you can take your music on the go for days on end without worrying about finding a wall charger. Best of all, the charging case also doubles as a power bank for your phone and other wireless devices if you’re in a pinch.

Bluetooth earbuds can’t truly be wireless if you’re constantly tethered to cables while recharging. With the Kharbon 1P67 Wireless Earbuds, you’ll enjoy outstanding sound quality while keeping your charge time to a minimum. They’re currently on sale for $79, or 60% off, but you can get an additional 15% off using coupon code MERRYSAVE15.

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