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Spring is just around the corner. Know what that means? It's (hopefully) the end of freezing weather in your part of the country, a chance to get outside to bask in Mother Nature, and, of course, the perfect time for some household cleaning! Whether you count yourself among the 76% of Americans who partake in spring cleaning annually or not, here are five smart cleaning tools currently available in the Android Central Digital Offers Shop that can help streamline this year's spring cleaning and make the entire process painless.

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1. Elicto Everybot RS500 Robotic Spin Mop & Polisher

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The Elicto Robotic Spin Mop is a convenient cleaning device that eliminates dirt and dust on your floors, tables, and windows. This extremely easy-to-operate device — simply tap a button or use its remote control — reaches areas of your home that are usually overlooked, such as underneath beds and couches, thanks to its compact design. Plus, since it features a powerful 5,700RPM built-in motor and a unique, rotating dual-spin mop, this cute little device packs quite the punch. Any lingering fine dust is no match for its two microfiber mops, which are hard on dirt but won't leave any scratches on your flooring.

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2. Elicto ES-500 Corded Spin Mop & Polisher

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Say goodbye to exhausting, manual mopping for good! With two sets of microfiber mop heads, the ES-500 Spin Mop cleans any hard floor and provides you with strong decontamination. It comes with a 250ml water tank so you can mop and spray your floor using your trusted water-based cleaning solution. What's more, its 2,500RPM motor powers a 3-in-1 cleaning mechanism that mops, polishes, and scrubs simultaneously, letting you easily clean sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, tile, granite, and marble flooring. Plus, you'll get the range of a 25-foot cable, the flexibility of a 180° swivel joint, and an adjustable handle for extra cleaning mobility.

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3. Elicto ES-530 Electronic Cordless Spin Mop & Polisher

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Fully wireless, the Elicto ES-530 is a powerful cleaning mop for all hard floors. Similar to the ES-500, its special design mops, polishes, and scrubs your living space all at the same time, giving you a beautifully clean floor. Unlike the ES-500, though, this smart cleaning product has a built-in 2,200mAh battery that provides you with 30 minutes of cleaning freedom. Use the extra autonomy it provides to reach inaccessible corners and surfaces throughout your home.

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4. Elicto ES-100 Waterproof Telescopic Power Scrubber

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The Power Scrubber is strong and versatile enough to take on the toughest cleaning jobs. It features five unique rotating heads with a 90-degree angle spin, providing heavy-duty cleaning for your home, swimming pool, car, wall, glass, and other places that need handheld electric cleaning tools. You'll get two hours of straight cleaning with this cordless device, as well as the ability to adjust its length, giving you the flexibility and reach to take on cleaning challenges inside and outside your living space.

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5. Elicto Super Sweeper SS-130

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The Elicto SS-130 is a multipurpose sweeper that will revolutionize the way you clean your carpets and floors with its groundbreaking six-blade design. The 1st and 2nd blades roll dust and debris into a ball using friction from the floor, while its 3rd and 4th patented-design blades dig into the floor to remove dust and debris. And its 5th and 6th blades? Well, they perfectly wipe any surface, getting rid of the finest dust to ensure your rugs, carpets, and floors are immaculate.

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