Upgrade your Mac Dock for only $20!

Your Mac is a powerful and elegant machine that you use every day to help you work, organize, play, and live your life, but the Dock on macOS is still as frustrating to use as ever. Sure it can store all your favorite apps in one convenient place, but shouldn't it do more to help you out?

Apple products have a reputation for being hard to customize, but iMore Digital Offers has a fantastic way for you to get more out of your Mac dock!

ActiveDock for Mac is an improved dock for macOS that opens up a world of new possibilities for your Mac. While ActiveDock looks and behaves like the Mac dock, it's loaded with tons of features. You can easily group documents and apps, rapidly switch between apps and windows, manage windows right from the Window Previews panel, and more.

Just look at some of the amazing features ActiveDock can offer you:

  • Use Window Preview to quickly find the window you need
  • Use Groups and Folders to organize elements by topics and reduce clutter.
  • Keep your most important files at the ready with the Folders View feature
  • Make your dock unique with custom icon sets and themes
  • Easily hide or exclude app icons from the dock

Right now, through iMore Digital Offers, a lifetime license to ActiveDock is only $19.99! A lifetime license means you never have to pay to update or upgrade ActiveDock again!

Stop using the same boring macOS dock that everyone else is stuck with, and start using ActiveDock to make your Mac work better for you!

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