We go hands-on with Spigen's full lineup of iPhone 11 cases!

Now that we've got the iPhone 11 finally in-hand, we wanted to try out Spigen's lineup of cases. From what we've seen, there's a little something for everybody, and all of the protection you need for your phone. As you can see, we're trying these out specifically on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but all of these cases are available across the entire batch of new iPhone 11 models.

To start off, we gave the EZ Fit Tray a spin. This tempered glass screen protector shields the iPhone 11's front face from the inevitable scratches you'll encounter every day. Application of this was super easy thanks to the included tray. There's no more of that applying and removing and readjusting; the EZ Fit Tray gets it done seamlessly in the first try. The screen works perfectly well with all the other Spigen cases we tested out.

Next we slapped on the Ultra Hybrid case. It's their clear case, and very straightforward. It's really slim, offers full access to everything important, and lets the iPhone design shine through. We're digging this one as a lightweight, no-nonsense case.

The Tough Armor was a really fun one to try out. Once installed, the iPhone 11 felt especially tough, like it could handle a truly unforgiving workday. This one definitely provided the most peace of mind. There was no real nervousness about tossing an iPhone 11 with this bad boy installed. The kickstand is handy for casual video watching, especially on a bedside table.

Rugged Armor takes a few automotive design cues. You'll notice on the back it has slick tire tread pattern both for catching the eye and your fingertips. A matte finish ensures additional grip while you're on the move. An air cushion along the rim gives the case just enough wiggle room to full protect your iPhone 11 during a drop.

The Spigen Thin Fit case does exactly what you expect it to: protect your iPhone 11 with an incredibly narrow profile. This case hugs the curves of the iPhone 11 tightly, providing quality baseline coverage while keeping it nice and pocketable.

It's not specific to the iPhone 11, and it's not a case, but the Spigen Style Ring has always been one of our favorites. This simple little accessory gives you added security when holding your phone in tenuous circumstances, and is strong enough to prop up your phone as a small kickstand.

That's about it from our hands-on time with the Spigen cases for the iPhone 11. If you're interested at all, you can find the whole Spigen collection here for your perusal.

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