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Twitterrific for iOS goes free, adds in-app purchases

Twitterrific, the popular Twitter client for both iPhone and iPad, has just been updated to version 5.7 which brings with it a new freemium model. While new users can try before they buy, those who have already purchased the app will have all features unlocked automatically.

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TiPb Interview: Craig Hockenberry on Free vs. Paid, Twitter To-Dos, and Why He Wants Lotus Notes for the iPhone

Craig Hockenberry and the Icon Factory are among the earliest and most well respected iPhone developers in the community. In addition to their amazing design work and Mac and Windows software, they created the highly popular Twitterrific and Frenzic for the iPhone.

TiPb: We've been spending a lot of time lately discussing the App Store and what business model(s) it will evolve From launch, you took the route of having both a premium paid version of Twitterrific and a free, add-supported version. What made you settle on that idea, and how effective has it been for you?

Craig Hockenberry: The desire to have both a free and paid version of Twitterrific came from our experience on the Mac. It's the best of both worlds for everyone: we get some funds to pay for the development of the product, and users get to choose how they want to support us.

We decided on having ads before the final details of the App Store were revealed. Since there are no demos in iTunes, the ability to have a free version for people to evaluate has been a big benefit. A lot of my fellow developers are now looking at this model.

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Forum Review: Frenzic for the iPhone

Frenzic Forum Review by cjvitek (For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum!

A new game....just what the iPhone needs!

Actually, a little side note. I approach my iPhone as mostly an entertainment device. So while I will find, use (and review) useful productivity, utility, or lifestyle apps (or other categories) by far the category I am most interested in is games. I would guess that at least 70% of my downloads are games. Anyway, on to the review.

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State of the Apps: 10,000 Now True, 300M Downloads Too, Icon Must-Do, And Promo Code How-To!

Apple has now hit the milestone 10,000th app in the iTunes App Store, and to celebrate, TapTapTap created the awesome icon tile artwork above (via TUAW), and what's more, CNBC (via iLounge) noted that Apple has snuck in some new ad copy claiming iPhone users have "downloaded over 300 million" apps.

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