Twitterrific on iPhone

What you need to know

  • Popular Twitter app Twitterrific has been updated to version 6.1.
  • The update is for iPhone and iPad, but it's the tablet where things get interesting.
  • This update adds support for iPadOS and it's fancy new multi-window feature.

The popular Twitter app, Twitterrific, has been updated with support for Dark Mode, the iPad's multi-window system, and more.

If you're a Twitter user who refuses to use the official Twitter app you're probably using either Twitterrific or Tweetbot. Both are great apps but it's the former that is first to the multi-window game. And it's huge. Now, people can have multiple Twitterrific windows open on a single iPad with each window displaying a different feed.

That feed could be a list or even a whole new Twitter account depending on what works best at the time. Each window also remembers its own tab customizations and account details, too. It's the nearest thing to an iPad version of Tweetdeck we've seen yet.

And Twitterrific doesn't just support multi-window. It goes above and beyond, too.

Support for multiple windows on iPadOS 13

  • Open as many windows as you want
  • Keep tabs on different accounts or open the same account many times
  • Each window remembers its own tab customizations and account selection

Multiple ways to open a new window on iPadOS 13:

  • Drag a new copy of Twitterrific from the home screen dock to iOS split view
  • Drag and drop the sidebar button to create a new window for that account
  • Drag any account out from the account picker panel
  • Long-press on an account in the account picker

At this point making use of the new Dark Mode options found in iOS 13 and iPadOS is table stakes, but some apps are still lagging behind. Twitterrific now supports automatically switching its theme based on whether the system Dark Mode is enabled or not. But don't worry, you can still take control and decide which of the app's awesome themes are used if that's more your thing.

This update also comes with a healthy collection of improvements and bug fixes. Far too many to list here. But suffice to say Twitterrific continues to be one of the best Twitter apps around. This update just confirms it.

Twitterrific can be downloaded from the App Store for free, now. An option in-app purchase is available to remove ads and subscription prompts, too.

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