Twitterrific 5.10 adds draft support, new muting options, and more

A new item in Twitterrific's sidebar lets you manage what items you muffle. You can also now convert any of your muffles into a mute. Additionally, the app now supports drafts and syncs them over iCloud. Check out the list below for the full set of changes and improvements in Twitterrific 5.10:

Muffling and Muting

  • New sidebar item for managing your muffles
  • Convert any muffle filter to mute
  • View a list of all muffled screennames, hashtags, domains, and keywords
  • Access muffle options (delete/mute) by swiping left on any list item
  • Add muffles for any term from scratch
  • Keyword muffling/muting supports regular expressions

Draft Support

  • Account-based and synced through iCloud
  • Options to copy or insert and delete drafts into compose
  • Tap and hold on drafts icon to quickly insert the top draft into compose
  • Rearrange, copy, and delete drafts quickly

Smart Quotes support when composing tweets


  • Push notifications now show more text
  • Push notifications display expanded URLs
  • Large image previews when attaching pictures to tweets
  • URLs, hashtags, and usernames displayed above share sheets for reference
  • Emailed links have a more relevant default subject line
  • Tap-hold on thumbnails in the timeline now shares the thumbnail image
  • Streamlined reauthorization when needed for access to direct messages
  • Tweaked swipe gesture to make opening the sidebar easier
  • Thinner sidebar for better access to the timeline
  • Reduced overlay transparency when the Reduce Transparency iOS accessibility setting is enabled
  • Links opened in Chrome now create a new tab
  • Added media preview support for twitrpix
  • General speed improvements


  • Sidebar can be accessed via VoiceOver when pinned open
  • Twitter links in Slack can now be successfully opened in Twitterrific
  • Rotating the device when the sidebar is pinned open in landscape (iPad, iPhone 6+) no longer causes the timeline to lose its position

You can download Twitterrific 5.10 from the App Store right now.

Joseph Keller

Joseph Keller is the former Editor in Chief of iMore. An Apple user for almost 20 years, he spends his time learning the ins and outs of iOS and macOS, always finding ways of getting the most out of his iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

  • Considering the terrible ads I'm seeing for suggested apps in the stock Twitter app I'm considering moving back to Twitterrific.
  • Worth a try if they really fixed the muffle/mute function... The other big problem they had was that the desktop app didn't sync with the iOS apps...
  • Ok so in order to mute someone, you have to first muffle them. Then you need to go to your muffle list, find them and mute them from there. Whoever okayed this at Twitterific should be bitch slapped.
  • Or you could, you know, just add their username directly into the list of muffles then swipe left and tap mute. Pretty easy. Muffling is the default action because we happen to think it's better than muting. If you don't want to see a user's tweets you should just unfollow them completely.
  • Used to be a huge Twitterrific fan back in the day, now I just use Tweetbot, somehow that interface and the whole feel of the app is more natural to me.
  • It's the opposite for me. I used to be a huge Tweetbot fan but the app has been falling behind. While Twitterrific keeps adding new features, Tweetbot still hasn't updated its iPad app to iOS 7, let alone iOS 8, so a while ago I switched to Twitterrific.
  • Twitterrific is the best! This new update only pushes it further into the lead. Great job to the devs.
  • When are we going to be able to see quoted tweets and use the new Twitter retweet and comment functionality in Twitterific?