Twitterrific 5.10 adds draft support, new muting options, and more

A new item in Twitterrific's sidebar lets you manage what items you muffle. You can also now convert any of your muffles into a mute. Additionally, the app now supports drafts and syncs them over iCloud. Check out the list below for the full set of changes and improvements in Twitterrific 5.10:

Muffling and Muting

  • New sidebar item for managing your muffles
  • Convert any muffle filter to mute
  • View a list of all muffled screennames, hashtags, domains, and keywords
  • Access muffle options (delete/mute) by swiping left on any list item
  • Add muffles for any term from scratch
  • Keyword muffling/muting supports regular expressions

Draft Support

  • Account-based and synced through iCloud
  • Options to copy or insert and delete drafts into compose
  • Tap and hold on drafts icon to quickly insert the top draft into compose
  • Rearrange, copy, and delete drafts quickly

Smart Quotes support when composing tweets


  • Push notifications now show more text
  • Push notifications display expanded URLs
  • Large image previews when attaching pictures to tweets
  • URLs, hashtags, and usernames displayed above share sheets for reference
  • Emailed links have a more relevant default subject line
  • Tap-hold on thumbnails in the timeline now shares the thumbnail image
  • Streamlined reauthorization when needed for access to direct messages
  • Tweaked swipe gesture to make opening the sidebar easier
  • Thinner sidebar for better access to the timeline
  • Reduced overlay transparency when the Reduce Transparency iOS accessibility setting is enabled
  • Links opened in Chrome now create a new tab
  • Added media preview support for twitrpix
  • General speed improvements


  • Sidebar can be accessed via VoiceOver when pinned open
  • Twitter links in Slack can now be successfully opened in Twitterrific
  • Rotating the device when the sidebar is pinned open in landscape (iPad, iPhone 6+) no longer causes the timeline to lose its position

You can download Twitterrific 5.10 from the App Store right now.

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