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Best UV Phone Sanitizers iMore 2021

Health experts have long warned us about the massive germ infestations that populate our favorite devices, especially smartphones. Now, it's more important than ever to keep bacteria and virus germs out of our lives as much as possible. One way to guarantee a virtually germ-free phone is one of the best ultraviolet phone cleaners. The best we've seen is the PhoneSoap Wireless — a convenient sanitizing device that's created just for your smartphone and other small germy objects such as keys and AirPods. This nifty gadget kills 99.99% of germs and viruses! See this and other UV sanitizers below.

PhoneSoap Wireless

Best UV phone sanitizer overall in 2021

Phonesoap HeroSource: PhoneSoap

Of all the UV sanitizing devices we've seen, this specialized gadget from PhoneSoap is the most convenient. It zaps away bacteria and virus germs, charges your device, and functions wirelessly! Any object you put inside this magic box will come out squeaky clean—keys, headphones, your favorite fidget spinner—you name it. The best part is that any device that supports Qi wireless charging will be charged simultaneously while it is cleaned. The sanitizing process takes about 10 minutes.

The only real downside is that while the PhoneSoap supports wireless charging, it is not truly a wireless device because it must be plugged in to work. This is not a dealbreaker, but something to keep in mind in case you thought it was truly wireless. Overall, this is one of the best ultraviolet phone cleaners.


  • Fast 10-minute cleaning process
  • Wireless charging technology
  • Supports multiple device charging


  • It's not big enough to clean a tablet but still bulky to carry in a handbag
  • Must be plugged in during use

Best overall

Phonesoap Wireless Gunmetal

PhoneSoap Wireless

Wireless charging + sanitizing

Here is a convenient UV sanitizer that cleans your device in 10 minutes. The best part — it simultaneously charges your phone!

Homedics UV-CLEAN Phone Sanitizer

Best portable UV phone sanitizer

Homedics Uv Clean Phone Sanitizer HeroSource: Homedics

This simpler UV sanitizer from Homedics is a quick, portable solution that will easily fit into your bag for on-the-go device cleaning. The collapsible device can be folded into a compact size when you're carrying it around and then popped out to fit larger objects like your AirPod case or a hefty keychain. Another impressive feature is the speed at which this gadget works.

It can thoroughly sanitize your phone in only one minute. While it doesn't charge your phone like some other devices on this list, it is ideal if you plan on carrying it around.


  • Collapsible and portable
  • Superfast sanitizing
  • Competitive price


  • Does not charge your phone
  • Too small to fit multiple objects

Best portability

Homedics Uv Clean Phone Sanitizer

UV CLEAN Portable Phone Sanitizer

Quick and portable

Take this UV sanitizer with you anywhere because of its collapsible, small format. Sanitizes your phone in only one minute!

Totallee UV Phone Sanitizer

Cell phone sanitizer with a great warranty

Totallee HeroSource: Totallee

Like the PhoneSoap, totallee's phone sanitizer supports Qi wireless charging as it simultaneously cleans your device. It can also support fast charging if you use a QC 2.0/3.0 fast charging adapter. We like the white, round, modern look of this sanitizer, and it will look good on your bedside table or kitchen cabinet. What sets this gadget apart is its impressive warranty. totallee offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a full two-year replacement warranty if anything goes wrong.

The only complaint we had is that it's a little slower than most other models. The totallee UV Sanitizer takes a full 30 minutes to clean your phone thoroughly.


  • Supports Qi wireless charging and fast charging
  • Attractive design
  • Two-year replacement warranty


  • Slow sanitizing process
  • Expensive

Best Warranty

Totallee Uv Phone Sanitizer

totallee UV Phone Sanitizer

Good look + good warranty

The totallee UV Phone sanitizer will clean your phone and charge it wirelessly all at the same time. Bonus: a full two-year warranty.

Casetify UV Sanitizer

This UV sanitizer donates to a great cause

Casetify HeroSource: Casetify

If you'd like to sanitize several objects at once, the Casetify UV Sanitizer has a little more room inside so you can sanitize your phone and AirPods at the same time or several other small objects at once. It's a bit bigger than some other models, which may be an advantage if you want to multi-task your UV sanitizer. The Casetify sanitizer also supports wireless charging, so that's always a plus. But what impresses us about this product is the cause behind it. Casetify is donating all proceeds from this UV sanitizer's sales to support coronavirus relief throughout the world.


  • Supports coronavirus relief
  • Fast sanitizing process
  • Fits several objects at once


  • Larger size is not as portable
  • Expensive

Best cause

Casetify Uv Cleaner

UV Sanitizer

Supports a good cause

Not only does the Casetify sanitizer clean your phone and charge it simultaneously, but all proceeds from product sales also go to coronavirus relief.

CureUV Handheld UVC Sterilizer Wand

Best affordable UV sanitizer

Cure UV Handheld Uvc Surface Sterilizer Wand HeroSource: CureUV

Although it's not made specifically for smartphones, this is a more affordable option to get the sanitizing job done. The CureUV wand is a handheld UV-C light that will sanitize any surface in seconds. For your smartphone, tablet, devices, or even the soles of your shoes, this handy wand will quickly remove the threat of bacteria and virus germs from any surface. You can't deny the convenience.

Obviously, with a device like this, you will lose the convenience of simultaneous charging and cleaning for your phone, but you can also use it for a lot more than just phones.


  • Convenient wand sanitizes any surface
  • Affordable price
  • Sanitizes in seconds


  • Not explicitly made for phones
  • Does not charge your devices

Best value

Cureuv Handheld Uvc Surface Sterilizer Wand

CureUV Handheld UVC Sterilizer Wand

Sanitize any surface

This UV sanitizer wand can be used to sanitize any surface in seconds, such as your phone, tablet, computer, or shoes.

Bottom line

As you can see, there are various solid choices for cleaning your phone quickly and efficiently. UV-C technology is one of the most thorough methods that exist for quick sanitization, so you'll feel safer from germs with one of these around. Your choice will depend on your needs and budget, but we have our best picks for ultraviolet phone cleaners picked out.

We recommend the PhoneSoap Wireless for its convenience and speed. This device will charge your device wirelessly, sanitize your phone in minutes, and even charge more than one device simultaneously. Although it's not the cheapest on our list, it's certainly not the most expensive, making this the best solution for cleaning your phone.

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