FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation review: Multi-featured germ killer

FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation
(Image: © Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

iMore Verdict

Bottom line: This workstation offers several features, including a UV light to kill germs.


  • +

    Workstation raises monitor or laptop to a comfortable height

  • +

    UV light kills germs on iPhone, keyboard, and more

  • +

    USB port charges your devices

  • +

    Accessory drawer

  • +

    Easy assembly


  • -

    Height is not adjustable

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At first glance, the FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation appears to be a simple riser to place your monitor or laptop at a more comfortable viewing angle while you work. But as you look more closely, you'll notice a USB charging port, accessory drawer, and a UV light on the underside to kill germs on your iPhone, iPad, and other items.

Germ killer

FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation: Features

FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation

FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

FlexiSpot's MonitorStand Workstation is an excellent addition to your home office (or office) for several reasons. Its main purpose, of course, is to raise that excellent computer monitor to a comfortable viewing angle. Or, if you prefer, use a laptop with a separate keyboard and mouse. Place the computer on top of the workstation with your keyboard and mouse on the desk below for a better and more ergonomic working angle.

The standout feature here is, of course, the sanitizing UV light. I did not perform lab tests, so I can't speak to its efficacy, but FlexiSpot claims that it kills 99% of bacteria on keyboards in just ten minutes. The UV light is easy to use; press a button on the workstation's side to turn it on. The UV light turns off automatically after ten minutes.

Assembly was easy; all you need to do is attach the legs, which are about an inch-and-a-half long. Since the UV bulbs are on the underside of the workstation, anything that fits underneath can be placed there for disinfection. I have my iPhone, iPad, keyboard, and mouse "cooking" under there right now. The light doesn't get hot or anything, but for your safety, you should stay a couple of feet away while the light is on. Also, you should not use the light on a glass or reflective desk.

FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation is a germophobe's delight!

Other features include an accessory drawer, as seen in my photo gallery below. The front of the desk can serve as a phone shelf. The front panel is magnetic so that you can place notes or photos there with the included magnets. There is a USB port, so you can charge up your iPhone or another device while you work.

The FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation is constructed of plastic, with fabric around the back and sides in your choice of gray or tan. The workstation surface is just over five inches high. You'll need to be set up near an outlet since it needs to be plugged in. It accommodates any monitor up to 30 inches and 22 pounds.

My only issue with FlexiSpot's MonitorStand Workstation is that it's not adjustable for height. I do think the height is acceptable and comfortable for me, but adjustable is always better. I suppose you could remove the legs if you wanted less height, but then you couldn't use the disinfecting UV light. For more height, you could place something underneath, but that somewhat defeats the purpose of buying a raised workstation.

Germophobe's delight

FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation: What I like

I'm feeling more germophobic than ever these days, and so anything I can use to kill germs, I like. Unlike many UV light devices designed to kill germs on your iPhone, the FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation has a generously-sized "kill area" that can accommodate much more than just an iPhone. As I said, I don't have the means to test the effectiveness of this UV light, but I feel like it can't hurt to give my stuff an extra zap here and there.

FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation

FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

Set height

FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation: What I don't like

While the height of the workstation (just over five inches) is sufficient, it's not adjustable. I'm about 5'4", but if you're much taller or shorter than I am, you might not feel like it's the right height for you.


FlexiSpot MonitorStand Workstation: Bottom line

FlexiSpot's MonitorStand Workstation is a raised platform that accommodates that great USB-C monitor you just picked up (as long as its not bigger than 30"), or your laptop if you like to work with a separate keyboard and mouse. The height, just over five inches, is not adjustable. The workstation has several other features, most notably a sanitizing UV light. FlexiSpot claims that the light kills 99% of the bacteria on your keyboard. The front panel is magnetic so that you can affix notes and other items with the included magnets. There's a drawer that pulls out from the front with divided compartments so you can organize your desk accessories. You'll also find a USB port, so you can charge up your iPhone and other items while you work.

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