These monitors are available for curbside pickup at Best Buy today

Samsung U28H750UQN lifestyle
Samsung U28H750UQN lifestyle (Image credit: Samsung)

Having a great monitor can go a long way towards making a part of your home feel more like a proper office. More screen real estate, great for both single and dual-screen use, an external monitor is great office tool for any computer user. With prompt deliveries from online retailers becoming more difficult to come by during the current climate, Best Buy is offering contactless curbside pickup on several items, including monitors.

Here are the best monitors to pick up from Best Buy today.

Note: Availability of monitors will depend on your individual Best Buy location.

LG 27UL600-W

This is a 4K monitor will be great for any type of work that you need to get done. Featuring beautiful colors with 99% sRGB, it's also great for leisure activities like looking at photos are watching videos.

The 27UL600 has its own built-in split-screen mode to let you easily view two apps side by side. Gamers with AMD Radeon GPUs can also take advantage of this monitor's support for AMD FreeSync, which prevents screen tearing that you sometimes see with standard v-sync.

HP 31.5-inch Full HD Monitor

If you just need a large, fairly affordable monitor, this HP model is a solid option. It's a Full HD, 1080p display at 31.5 inches, so there's lots of room for all of your productivity tools.

This monitor can connect either by HDMI or VGA, with a refresh rate of up to 60Hz. It's a fairly thin monitor, except for the area towards the bottom where most of the components are housed.

Alienware AW2518H

This stylish monitor from Alienware has a maximum refresh rate of 240Hz, perfect for gamers looking to get any competitive edge. It also supports G-Sync, NVIDIA's flavor of vertical syncing, which is bound to help prevent screen tearing at higher refresh rates.

Supports both HDMI and DisplayPort, which are both present on modern graphics cards. You'll also have three USB 3.0 ports, letting you plug in any number of accessories.

Samsung U28H750UQN

Samsung's monitor is a 28-inch panel with the company's QLED technology. QLED, Samsung's branding for quantum dot, offers a wider dynamic range for colors than a standard LED monitor while being more affordable than something like OLED.

A 60Hz panel, this Samsung monitor features two HDMI ports, as well as DisplayPort hookups. It also supports AMD FreeSync and has a built-in picture-in-picture mode.

HP Pavilion 32" Monitor

This is a big 1440p display from HP and a great USB-C monitor option. The Pavilion offers a beautiful gamut of colors, and its minimal aesthetics complement nearly any workspace.

HP's monitor features support for both DisplayPort connections, as well as USB-C, so it's easy to connect to more modern Macs. It also features two USB 3.0 ports to let you connect additional accessories.

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