The number one device that every tech geek needs—besides a smartphone and smartwatch, of course—is a power bank. Most people think any old power bank will do fine, but if it has limited I/O and small capacity, you won’t be able to charge more devices than once, and they might not even be completely charged! If you’re looking to charge your devices while having plenty of power to spare, look no further than the $99 BatteryPro.

The BatteryPro is the perfect portable charger if you own an iPhone and Apple Watch. Not only can it fast-charge your phone via USB, but it also features an integrated MFi-Certified magnetic charger for your Apple Watch, allowing you to charge both devices at once. Additionally, the BatteryPro has a StowStrap to secure your Apple Watch while charging, so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose. Finally, the BatteryPro has an impressive 8,000 mAh capacity, which is worth 3 days of iPhone use or 2 weeks of Apple Watch use.

If you carry multiple electronic devices, you need a power bank that can fast-charge them multiple times. The BatteryPro is the perfect solution, and you can find it here for $99.