Have you ever come across a YouTube video that you found so interesting or useful that you knew you had to save it for later? YouTube allows you to easily create playlists that you can save videos in, but what if you want to watch one while you don’t have internet access? For example, you may want some in-flight entertainment or need an emergency car repair tutorial. In these cases, it’s best to save your videos directly to your device, and Cisdem Video Converter lets you do so for just $19.99.

Cisdem Video Converter is an app for MacOS that lets you download YouTube videos in your chosen quality. Once you’ve downloaded a YouTube video, you can convert it into the format of your choice so that you can store it on your computer or any mobile device to view later. You’re not limited to YouTube videos either; Cisdem can be used to convert any online video or audio track, and it can even rip video from DVDs. Finally, you can save storage space by using Cisdem to compress your audio and video files.

Saving a copy of your favorite videos comes in handy when you least expect it. With Cisdem Video Converter, you can download and convert any YouTube video for $19.99, or 85% off.