Many of us use music to escape from the outside world, and regular headphones deliver an adequate experience in most cases. However, they aren’t ideal for loud environments like plane rides or a walk down Broadway. If you want to listen to your music with minimal distractions, you’ll need a pair of noise-canceling headphones like these $135 Culture Audio V1s.

The Culture Audio V1s are a pair of Bluetooth featuring 98% active noise cancellation. They contain 40mm neodymium drivers, which offer excellent audio. With ANC activated, the Culture Audio V1s offer up to 25 hours of battery life, which you can extend an extra 10 hours with ANC turned off. Finally, the V1s feature smart sensors that automatically play and pause your music when you take them on or off.

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Regular headphones are great for day-to-day music enjoyment, but they just won’t cut it if you want to use them in loud environments. That’s when you need a pair of Culture Audio V1s, which are currently on sale for $135, or 32% off.

Culture Audio V1 Noise-Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones - $135

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