Moleskine and Adobe team up to put your sketches in the Creative Cloud

Notebook maker Moleskine has partnered with Adobe to put your sketches in Creative Cloud with a new notebook and app. Much like their Evernote journal, Moleskine's new Creative Cloud product is designed especially to bridge the gap between analogue and digital work.

Each page of the notebook has a marker in each corner. A user would draw or sketch on a page as they normally would, then open Moleskine's new app, and tap the big Capture button. The app recognizes the markers, which aid in preprocessing by detecting page orientation, perspective, and any alignment issues. The image is then sent to the Creative Cloud, where you can open it in apps like Photoshop and Lightroom.

You can adjust a number of settings in the app. The filter settings can be used to tell the app how to correct images. You can also sync both JPG and SVG file formats to Creative Cloud at the same time.

Moleskine's Creative Cloud app is available now on the App Store, while the notebook will ship next month for $32.95.

Source: Moleskine

Joseph Keller

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