Mossberg Smash Puny 3G Rumors!

After "Uncle" Walt Mossberg teased the interwebs wild with an offhand remark about the iPhone 3G coming within 60 days, Silicon Valley Insider caught up with the Wallstreet Journal's very own Mac Daddy to find out just when we'd be getting that next gen release. Walt's answer: He has no idea.

"If I knew when this date was, why would I announce it in the middle of a sentence at the Finnish embassy, rather than report it in the Wall Street Journal?"

Moreover, Walt doesn't care.

Seems he was just guess'timating based on the same interweb reports the rest of us have been reading, and whenever Apple decides to bless him with a test unit, he'll sit down and review it. Until then, know means no. Got it?

(Hey, if you're really desperate, you can always try one of those cheap iClones...)

Rene Ritchie

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