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This simple solution makes your WFH lunches healthy, fast, and easy

(Image credit: Stack Commerce)

The COVID-19 vaccine is just around the corner, but we'll be stuck at home a bit longer due to yet another wave of cases. Until then, there are plenty of ways to remain focused (opens in new tab) and active (opens in new tab) while at home. But one thing we often take for granted is our lunch break. Lunch has long been a mini escape from the hustle and bustle of work, and giving yourself physical and mental nourishment is especially important these days.

Working from an office had its perks, such as catered meals, cafeterias, or local eateries that were just a quick walk away. Nowadays, we have to drive for takeout, wait an hour for delivery, or the absolute worse: prepare lunch ourselves. In any case, your workflow is completely disrupted, and the alternative is skipping lunch, which isn't an option if you want to maintain your sanity. Luckily, Freshly (opens in new tab) is here to help, and you can get $60 off your first four orders ($15 per order) when you use coupon code LAUNCH15.

Freshly is a weekly subscription service that delivers fresh (not frozen), chef-cooked meals straight to your door. Freshly currently boasts a menu of over 40 healthy meals across a variety of cuisines. Subscribers also get to mix and match their meals. For example, you can have chicken tikka masala on Monday, baked turkey meatballs on Friday, and something entirely different for each meal in between. Each meal is entirely gluten and peanut-free, and you can even customize your plan to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions.

Best of all, Freshly meals require no prep work. Simply pop a meal into your microwave for 3 minutes and enjoy. This is perfect if you're simply too busy to cook or order takeout, and it's easy to bring to work once we finally get back to the office.

Whether you're working remotely or on-site, you shouldn't let your lunch plans cut into your productivity. Subscribe to Freshly today (opens in new tab) and use LAUNCH15 to get $15 off your first four orders.