8 at-home exercise equipment must-haves for remote working

FluidStance Balance Board
FluidStance Balance Board (Image credit: iMore)

Even when you work remotely, getting some exercise at home is super important — especially if you find you can't get to the gym regularly. Just slap on your best Apple Watch and start progressing on your rings every day. With so many resources and apps to help you find a workout routine, it's easy to find something that uses no equipment, some equipment, or lots of equipment. Regardless of what workout routine you want to implement while you work from home, there are bound to be some items that you could use to get your sweat on.

Find a routine that works for you

Not everyone can do the same workout and get results when they exercise at home, which is why it's important to find a routine that works for you. Whether it's through fitness apps or just your own knowledge, there are lots of different tools you can use at home to get a good workout.

A good yoga mat is the most useful workout tool for most people, so picking up a BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Mat is a great choice. You don't have to do yoga to make use of it since plenty of home exercises like squats, push-ups, planks, and more can make use of a good yoga mat.

If you have the money, the Sunny Health and Fitness stationary bike is a great compact bike that will help you burn many calories whenever you want. Biking is a wonderful form of exercise and is very easy on your knees, so biking is a great option if you have bad knees. Alternatively, if you already have a bike, the Sportneer bike trainer stand is an easy (and cheaper) way to ride inside.

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