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Best Apple Pencil accessories

The Apple Pencil is a fabulous drawing tool in its own right, but you can make it even better with these accessories and cases.

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With an iPad Pro and Astropad Studio, I may never need a Wacom tablet again

I’ve dreamed of making the iPad into a smart second screen experience for my Mac for years, but it’s Astropad Studio — not Apple — that seems poised to make that a reality.

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Spectacles review: 5 things to know about Snapchat's glasses

MrMobile snapchatted his way through CES, and can tell you the ins and outs of using the first-person social eyewear.

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Elago turns your Apple Watch into a Mac Plus, and it's adorable

Warning: May make your head explode with cuteness.

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Best third-party Apple Watch complications

One of the coolest features of Apple Watch is custom third-party clock face complications, and we've rounded up the best apps with complications currently worth checking out.

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Apple Watch Nike+ review

Technology and sports team up to bring new athletic bands and features to the new swim-proofing, GPS, new bands, and more with Apple Watch Nike+

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Best Indie Games for iPhone and iPad

Home for the holidays with nothing to do? Fix that in a jiffy by playing some of my all-time favorite indie iPhone and iPad games.

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Best Winter Accessories

It's cold and you're loaded with tech, each with its own unique carry requirements. What're you to do? This should help.

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Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 review

Technology and fashion re-team to bring new luxury bands to the new swim-proofing, GPS, new bands, and more with Apple Watch Hermès Series 2.

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'Designed by Apple in California' book review

Is Designed by Apple in California, the book, an epic tribute to Steve Jobs, the ultimate in Apple pretension, or both?

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