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iPhone Golla Bags -- Or, iPhone Cases I'd Want on Judgement Day

Why did I choose the iPhone Golla Bags for iPhone [$19.99 - iMore Store link] for my first TiPb accessory review? Well, I have tried a wide variety of cases. Being active, I need a case that can withstand life's little brutalities (includes being dropped, kicked, drooled on by a baby, or just plain surviving a day in my purse). So, when choosing my first review item the question that came to mind was: which iPhone case would Sarah Conner use?

Well, she would probably have a triple-lined Kevlar pouch with extra ammo clips, but if she was stuck with stock, I think she -- like me -- would go for the iPhone Golla Bag. Here's why...

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App Review: Notifications for iPhone

Notifications App Review by msbaylor. For more App Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum Review Index!

Notifications [$2.99] for iPhone does just what the name suggests -- hooks into Apple'I've never regularly used an RSS reader, because I would add a lot of feeds, then when I'd open it, I had all these things to read and that little number badge would be in the hundreds staring at me from my springboard. I happen to be one of those people that if there's a number badge on an app, then it needs to be resolved immediately. So I deleted the app. Resolved, right?!? Not exactly what should be done...

Getting back to the app - The resolution to my issue was using the Notifications app. This allowed me to set up certain RSS feeds to be checked and Push notifications to be sent to me. Notifications doesn't only do push for RSS, but Twitter, Gmail, and if you know how to code, then these are some bits of code that you can utilize on your website. So the app applies to both beginner & advanced iPhone users.

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Jabra BT2080 Reality Review

I had an opportunity to check out the Jabra BT2080 [$39.95 - iMore Store link] and not only is this headset reasonably priced, but has some nice functionality too! You can check it out in the in the . Now, let's check out why makes this headset nice!

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Review: Apple Aluminum Remote Control for iPhone and iPod Dock, Apple TV, and iTunes

Apple quietly introduced a new Apple Remote [$19.00 - Apple Online Store link] along with the updated iMac, Mac Mini, Magic Mouse, and Apple TV 3.0 last month. Not to be confused with the Apple-produced Remote app [Free - iTunes link], which allows an iPhone or iPod touch to control an Apple TV or iTunes, the Apple Remote is a hardware accessory that not only controls the aforementioned Apple TV or iTunes (and Front Row!) all on its own, but can also control an iPhone or iPod touch when they're placed in the -- sold-separately -- Apple Universal Dock [$49.00 - Apple Online Store link]

So, how new is it, why would an iPhone or iPod touch need a hardware remote anyway, and most importantly, how does it perform? Read on after the break!

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App Review: iXpenseit Expense Tracker for iPhone

(iXpenseit Forum Review by cjvitek. For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum Review Index!)

iXpenseit [$4.99 - iTunes link] for iPhone and iPod touch is a budget tracking app that has recently appeared on the iPhone commercials. It allows a user to track monthly and daily spending, breaking items down into categories, as well as allowing the user to see overall spending.

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Blueant S1 Sun Visor Bluetooth Car Kit for iPhone 3GS- Reality Review

Do you use a Bluetooth headset while driving? A lot of us do. How would you like to do the same thing, but hands free with nothing in your ear? Now you can! The Blueant S1 stereo Bluetooth headset is awesome for the iPhone! you can get it in the TiPb accessory store for $59.95. Now, why would you want to do that? Because this hands-free headset rocks!

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App Review: Settlers of Catan for iPhone

(Settlers of Catan Forum Review by cjvitek. For more Forum Reviews, see the TiPb iPhone App Store Forum Review Index!)

Settlers of Catan [$4.99 - iTunes link] for the iPhone. The long awaited game has made it's how does it stack up?

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Review: Marware C.E.O. Premiere for iPhone 3GS & iPhone 3G

Marware's C.E.O. Premiere for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. [$34.95 - iMore Store Link] is a horizontal case with a belt clip and top flap. Either you love that style or you hate it, but there is no denying their popularity among iPhone owners. Marware has been making iPhone cases since day one and some pretty good ones at that. What did we think of the Marware C.E.O. Premiere?

Follow us after the break!

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Beyond iPhone: Apple TV 3.0 First Impressions and Screenshot Gallery

Apple TV 3.0 (or Apple TV 3, or Apple TV Take 3) is the just-released third version of Apple's and Steve Jobs' "hobby". And, for good or for ill, its latest feature-set seems designed to keep iTunes' living room gateway as niche as ever. That's not to say it isn't good, because it is (though it does have problems we'll get into below), but it's certainly not great. Not yet. And we're beginning to wonder if Apple (now or ever) even wants it to be?

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Review: Apple Brings iPhone-style Multi-Touch to Magic Mouse

Apple's Magic Mouse, introduced via simple press release on October 20, is the latest point-and-click peripheral for the Mac, and the latest showcase for Apple's multi-touch technology, first introduced in the iPhone and later the iPod touch. While the iPhone is still the premiere multi-touch experience in consumer electronics, however, Apple's modern history of mice has been... poor to mediocre. The hockey puck that shipped with the original iMac was goofy, the one-button Mighty Mouse hard to second-click with and prone to gunked up scroll balls.

Does the Magic Mouse work an iPhone-level spell, or is it just more of the middling? TiPb takes a look after the break!

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