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The new Foursquare and why it might have you running back to Yelp

Foursquare recently stirred up the world of social check-ins by splitting its popular app into two parts — the original check-in functionality going to the new Swarm app, and the location discovery and information portion fully taking over the original app. Yes, it's confusing. Yes, it could have you reaching for the delete button, but could it also be for the better? Considering Foursquare is one of the only apps I use when traveling, the change made me both skeptical and nervous. Now that I have the new Foursquare in my pocket, will I remain loyal, or will I go running back to Yelp?

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Best software update tools for your Mac: AppFresh, MacUpdate Desktop, Software Update

Don't make more work for yourself than necessary to keep your Mac up to date. Use these tools instead!

Looking for the best Mac app to keep your Mac software up to date? If you're like me and you get software from other places besides the Mac App Store, keeping those apps up to date can feel like a full time job. Here are a few ways you can help stay up to date with your apps.

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Improve your Mac gaming with Razer's Kraken Pro headset and Taipan mouse

If you like to game on your Mac, you probably want any extra edge you can find to improve your gaming performance. A good headset and a precision mouse are key to a good gaming experience, which is why I've been using Razer's Kraken headset and Taipan gaming mouse.

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Rachio Iro lets you take charge of your sprinkler from your iPhone

I am always surprised when I see an awesome connected accessory, and the Racho Iro is no exception. This connected sprinkler controller lets you manage your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world using just your smartphone. The controller is available for either 8 or 16 zones and lets you take charge of your system with everything from auto-scheduling to analytics & reports. Iro is smart enough to watch the weather too, so it can adjust on the fly no matter what the current conditions.

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Hours for iPhone review: No more letting billable hours slip through the cracks

Hours by Tapity is a new productivity app that aims to take the pain out of recording and tracking your time. Not only does Hours work great for tracking billable time, it can also help you analyze and learn how to better stay on top of things that need your attention. Hours does this by allowing you to quickly and easily start and stop timers that are tied with specific projects and tasks.

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Innocell Plus and Holster review: More than double your iPhone 5/5S battery life

More than double your iPhone 5/5S battery life with this battery pack

I've found an affordable battery case and optional holster that takes my mind off my iPhone 5S battery once and for all. It's Seidio's Innocell Plus.

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Capo touch for iPhone and iPad: Learn to play songs faster

Capo, the renowned song-learning app for Mac, is now available on the iPhone and iPad. Called Capo touch, all the power of the original, the ability to "reverse engineer rock and roll" as they put it, now fits into the palm of your hand. Whether you're a working guitarist or strings player on your way to a last minute gig, a songwriter needing to quickly note down a new song or riff, or an aspiring musician who just wants to learn more, faster, Capo touch provides a remarkably powerful toolset for doing all that, and more.

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iSkin exo case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s review and giveaway!

iSkin has long been a staple when it comes to iPhone and iPad accessories. Some of my favorite cases ever made have been the iSkin brand. They've always seemed to stand up to the test of time for me and stayed on my devices a heck of a lot longer than other cases ever did. I recently put iSkin's new exo case through its paces on my iPhone 5s to see if the same held true and came away pretty impressed. iSkin was also generous enough to give away four exo cases to a few lucky readers, so follow along to read more and find out how to enter!

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HiRise and HoverBar 3: Elegant desk combo for Mac laptop/iPad users

Twelve South products help create an ergonomic and beautiful workspace for MacBook and iPad users

If you're looking for a great way to get more out of your MacBook and your iPad, I have a recommendation: Consider getting Twelve South's HiRise stand for the MacBook, and pair it with the new HoverBar 3. Both help you get more out of the gear you already have.

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iPod touch: Kids review!

The iPod touch is now colorful and camera-equiped across the line, and available for just $199 for 16GB, and just $249 or $299 for 32GB or 64GB. To get to those price points, however, it eschews cutting-edge specs. It's not the fastest processor or highest-end camera. It's simply the least expensive, most portable way way to get onto iOS and the App Store. So what does that mean for the experience? How productive and how much fun is it to use?

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