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Apple Watch Series 1 review: Second-best is still pretty darn good

Debating an Apple Watch purchase this holiday season? The Series 1 is Apple's entry-level smartwatch, and it's excellent.

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MacBook Pro 2016 review: The love/hate future of laptops

Apple pushes the MacBook Pro forcibly into the future, but does it leave too much of the present behind?

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MacBook Pro 2016 first look: One week later

No Retina Air, no 13-inch MacBook, but a stripped down 13-inch MacBook Pro that just might appeal to upgraders of both.

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Charge your Bluetooth headphones with Twelve South's Fermata stand

Not only is the Fermata a gorgeous wireless headphone stand, but it charges your headphones, too.

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Philips Hue Motion Sensor: Putting the auto in home automation

The Philips Hue Motion Sensor takes home automation to the next level. No need to pull out your phone, push a button, talk to Siri, etc. — your motion is all that's required!

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Bragi Dash: A good first step toward our truly wireless future

The Bragi Dash serve as a good model of both what works about the wireless headphone model so far, but also what future products like Apple’s upcoming AirPods can do to improve the experience.

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MrMobile reviews the Apple Watch Series 2

This has been a year of comfortable predictability for Apple: the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were just what most of us expected from the company, and the revised Apple Watch doesn’t pack many surprises either. But that's not a dig at Apple; rather, it's a recognition of the fact that sometimes you only need to tweak a few aspects of a winning formula to stay on top.

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Apple Watch Series 2 review: A second opinion!

Apple Watch is still shuttlecraft to iPhone's starship, but now it has more range and capabilities than ever!

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iPhone 7 Plus Review: Get this one!

For three generations Apple has released a “Plus” version of its iconic iPhone, and the iPhone 7 Plus lives up to that super-sized subtitle better than ever.

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Apple Watch Series 2 review: The best small smartwatch in the world

The Series 2 Apple Watch is not only a great first-time purchase for users contemplating a smartwatch, it's a must-buy for users who like wearing smaller-sized watches.

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