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Bugs and Buttons/Bubbles for iPhone and iPad review

Bugs and Buttons for iPhone and iPad and Bugs and Bubbles for iPhone and iPad are a pair of beautiful, entertaining, and educational games for kids that each feature 18 different games and activities with intriguing game play that progressively adapts to the player's skill level. Each activity also offers visual instructions making it easy for young players to understand the goal of each activity.

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Stint for iPhone lets you track client time and manage invoices

Whether you're a developer, consultant, or do any type of work that involves selling clients blocks of time and invoicing for them, you probably need a way to track the time you spend on projects and have a way to invoice clients. Stint for iPhone aims to simplify the tracking and invoicing process to make it easier to keep track of what's already completed and what still needs to be done.

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Clear vs. Any.DO vs. Wunderlist: task list apps for iPhone shootout!

People with busy lives like to use their iPhone to keep them on task and organized. Task list apps are a perfect way to make sure things are getting done when they need to and on time. The App Store has no shortage of task list apps which makes the decision of which to use even harder.

Any.DO, Clear, and Wunderlist are three of our favorites and all make great companion apps for people on the go. The most important thing to consider is which one is right for you and which has the features you need most in a task list app. Follow along and we'll help you make that decision.

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First look: 1Password 4 for iOS

No doubt secreted away in multiple, remote, undisclosed -- likely underground, Batcave-esque -- locations, AgileBits has been working on an all-new version of their highly-rated security app, 1Password. Re-coded and re-designed, 1Password 4 brings a simplified design language and experience to iOS, yet also manages to ramp up the power and convenience. Unfortunately, I can't show you everything -- they're protecting it with hockey sticks and cattle brands and I can't take that kind of pain -- but I can show you some of the new vault view on the iPhone version.

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My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic for iPhone and iPad

My Little Pony fans rejoice! Twilight Sparkle and friends have made their way to iPhone and iPad in My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic. In this game, Nightmare Moon is set free after being locked away in the moon for centuries and spreading night across Ponyville. It's up to Twilight Sparkle and her friends to bring friendship and light back to Ponyville and it's your job to help them rebuild the town and complete quests.

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Angry Birds Star Wars review

After a few weeks of teasers, Rovio has finally released the next iteration in their Angry Birds franchise, this time with a focus on the classic Star Wars brand. Recognizable settings such as Tattoine, Degobah, and Hoth make an appearance, not to mention all of the birds are dressed up as characters from the movies, each with their own signature special abilities.

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iPad mini review

Once upon a time Apple had a big, industry leading product that they fearlessly overshadowed by releasing a slightly cheaper, more portable version. That was January, 2004 and the product was the iPod mini. This is October, 2012 and Apple has just done it again with the not-coincidentally named iPad mini.

Like the iPhone 5, the iPad mini looks and feels almost unreal. It's not much smaller than the full-sized iPad 4, 7.9-inches diagonally across the display rather than 9.7, but it's almost 25% thinner -- as thin as the last generation iPod touch -- and over 50% lighter. Yet it still runs the same tablet-optimized version of iOS 6 as the iPad 4, and has access to the same 700,000+ apps, 275,000+ of which are tablet-optimized.

Unlike the iPhone 5 and iPad 4, however, the iPad mini uses last year's specs to get that thin and light, and run all those apps. That means no Apple A6-series processor, and most noticeably, no Retina display.

So does portability ultimately win out over power and pixel density, or is Apple's iPad mini a non-Retina non-starter?

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iPad mini camera review

The newly released iPad mini comes with two cameras: a 1.2-megapixel front-facing FaceTime HD camera and a 5-megapixel rear-facing iSight camera with a f/2.4 five-element lens, hybrid IR filter, and backside illuminations. In fact, this is the exact same camera featured in the iPod touch 5.

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iPod touch 5 camera review

Even though the iPod touch 5 doesn't have as great of a camera as the iPhone 5, its camera has been severely updated from what was included with the iPod touch 4. The iPod touch 5 is equipped with a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera with a f/2.4 five-element lens, hybrid IR filter, backside illuminations, and the ability to take both panorama and HDR photos. This camera may have the same megapixel count as the iPhone 4 camera, but the components and build-quality are closer to that of iPhone 5 camera with a five-element lens made from sapphire crystal .

We've already taken the iPod touch 5 camera head-to-head with the iPhone 5, so now it's time take a closer look at the iPod touch 5 camera on it's own. Spoiler-alert: it's probably better than you think!

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iPad 4 review

The iPad 4, variously referred to as the "4th generation iPad" or the "iPad with Retina display" is the second full-sized iPad released by Apple in 2012. While that makes it tempting to flip the proverbial tablet in this review and simply say "this year it comes with an A6X", not only would it be lazy to play that particular card twice, in this case it would also be inaccurate. 7 months after the iPad 3 launched, Apple's has improved more than just the processor in this new, new iPad. They've also included their all-digital Lightning connector, bumped the FaceTime camera to 1.3 megapixels and 720p video, and upgraded the cellular chipset to support international LTE 4G networking.

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