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Solio Hybrid Solar Charger Classic review

It’s summertime and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than with the portable Solio Solar Charger! You can carry it around in your pocket and use to lengthen the time you have to listen to your tunes, enjoy your videos, and engage in social chit-chat while outdoors!

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Discovering Colors - Animals for iPhone and iPad review

Discovering Colors - Animals is a coloring book for the iPhone and iPad that aims to teach young children (ages 2-5) about matching colors in drawings of animals. In each drawing, different sections are marked by a colored circle indicating which color should be used there. To color the picture, the child simply needs to tap the section with the correct color. When the drawing is completely colored, it will animate.

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Vaja Matelasse Lucy Clutch for iPhone

Oh yeah. This is totally decadent. Totally. But that's how Vaja does things,right? And the Matelasse Lucy Clutch for iPhone is the opposite of an exception. A combination iPhone case, wallet, and carry bag, it's hand crafted like all of Vaja's creations, but is it practical?

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iOS 6 preview: Siri knows sports

Siri, as introduced in iOS 5 on the iPhone 4S, is an able if not particularly well-rounded personal assistant. With iOS 6, however, Siri is expanding to the iPad, and adding sports to its repertoire. Now, in addition to keeping you in contact, on time, on course, and on schedule, Siri will also serve you up the latest scores.

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Solar : Weather for iPhone review

Solar: Weather is a unique weather app for the iPhone that offers a one-of-a-kind interactive UI and experience. Instead of simply displaying the weather forecast for you, Solar: Weather will display different information based on gestures. For example, swiping up with scroll through the 24-hr forecast, swiping down will display the 3 day forecast, and swiping left/right will switch between locations. It's actually very fun to use.

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Bling My Thing Swarovski Slim Cases for iPhone review

The Bling My Thing cases for iPhone are slim style cases encrusted with Swarovski crystals and, as you can imagine, that makes for a stunning combination. While the cases are manufactured, the crystals are individually placed by hand. Swarovski crystals aren't cheap, and they make for an absolutely beautiful finish. But how do they hold up as cases?

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iPhone 5 preview: 4G LTE networking

iMore learned back in March that the next iPhone would have 4G LTE networking. We’ve seen a pretty clear history of Apple integrating technology from the spring iPad release into the summer/fall iteration of the iPhone for the past few years. Last year, that included the A5 processor, 512MB of memory, and 64GB of storage. This year, it seems almost certain it will include LTE.

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Belkin Rotating Charger 2.1 + ChargeSync for iPhone and iPad review [Giveaway]

Want a chance to win a Belkin Rotating Charger 2.1 + ChargeSync of your very own? Subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment on the video above!

The Belkin Rotating Charger 2.1 + ChargeSync is for a) people who can never seem to have enough chargers around for all their Apple gear, be it iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and b) need plugs that can swivel and fit into any spare outlet that's available, regardless of how cramped they may be, or which direction they're in.

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Slices for Twitter for iPhone review

Slices is a beautiful new iPhone Twitter client and it's unlike any Twitter client you've seen before. It's loaded with features, has a gorgeous look, and is extremely responsive. But its killer feature, and the reason for its name, is its ability to chop up your timeline into mini user-created feeds called Slices.

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Wake N Shake for iPhone -- the evil alarm clock that's guaranteed to get you out of bed each morning

Wake N Shake for iPhone is the alarm clock for people like me -- those who hit snooze about 5 times before actually getting out of bed. We are so addicted to our precious snooze button, that we set our alarm early in anticipation of the fact that we'll be hitting snooze for at least a half hour. With Wake N Shake for iPhone, those days are over. This alarm clock requires you to rigorously shake your iPhone to turn it off. By the time you've shaken your iPhone enough to turn off the alarm, you'll be more than ready to get out of bed (and in need of a shower!).

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