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iOS 6 preview: Maps gets turn-by-turn navigation

With iOS 6, Apple is replacing the previous, Google-powered Maps app on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, with a completely redesigned, re-rendered, and re-imagined Maps app. The data itself is supplied by TomTom, but Apple has draw all the maps, and while they've lost some features, like Street View, they're adding new ones, like turn-by-turn navigation

Rumor has it, Apple's been wanting to add turn-by-turn for a while now, but Google would only give it to them if Apple took the location-tracking Latitude feature as well. Apple declined. Now, in command of their own geo-destiny, Apple will soon be providing free navigation for one and all, and thanks to Siri on the iPhone 4S and future devices, it'll have full on voice directions as well.

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The Brick Joystick for iPhone and iPad review

I love the Brick Joysticks by GrayHaus. I was worried about them at first. I didn't think the little, tiny suction cups could stick to my iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. But they do. Mostly. And they have a variation called the bend-type as well that uses an elasticized band as well as a suction cup and provides an incredible range of motion for iOS gaming.

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iPad mini preview: Imagining Apple's smaller tablet

Rumors of a smaller iPad have persisted for years, probably ever since Apple announced the original 9.7-inch iPad back in 2010, and definitely since competitors from Samsung to BlackBerry to Amazon to Google have shipped 7-inch tablets. Over the last few months, what it will look like, why Apple would release it, how the interface would work, what kind of display it might have, what it could be called, and how much Apple could charge for it are all questions we've tried to tackle.

Despite all this, despite a few parts leaks and some information about the Dock connector, there's still a lot we don't know -- like what Apple will ultimate call it. But whether it's the iPad mini or the iPad Air, or the 7- or 8-inch iPad, the there's a lot we've tried to think through and put some context to. Here's a quick roundup of what we've put together so far -- everything you need to know.

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Find my Car Smarter Bluetooth 4.0 hands-on

Find my Car Smarter is a combination iPhone app and Bluetooth 4.0 accessory whose simple purpose is to easily, automagically keep track of your car when you've parked it somewhere, anywhere, that may be difficult to find on your own.

Whether it's a crowded mall parking lot, event venue spill-over, or as close as you could come on a city street, Find my Car Smarter's tiny USB Bluetooth 4.0 dongle will fire up and drop a GPS beacon where ever you park, and the Find my Car Smarter app will lead you right back.

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iOS 6 preview: Siri for iPad

Siri with iOS 5 was a decidedly iPhone 4S-only affair, with Apple choosing not to make anything more than Dictation available, even on their 2012 new iPad. That might have been due to the challenges involved in scaling Siri up from the full, albeit small iPhone interface, to the bigger iPad screen. With iOS 6, however, Apple has done it, and Siri is fully launching on the new iPad.

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SuperTooth Buddy hands free Bluetooth speakerphone for iPhone review

The SuperTooth Buddy is a simple no-nonsense Bluetooth 2.1 device that will connect up to 2 iPhones (or other phones, if for some reason you're not all in on the Apple gear) for hand free use in a car, truck, or other vehicle. Since more and more jurisdictions are forbidding talking or otherwise using a mobile device in your hands while driving, accessories like the SuperTooth Buddy are becoming essential for everyone from those who drive all day for a living, to those who drive to work, to those who drive the kids around.

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Adonit Jot Touch pressure-sensitive, Bluetooth stylus review

The Adonit Jot Touch is one of the first of a new generation of stylus pens for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that uses Bluetooth technology in addition to traditional capacitance to allow for pressure sensitivity and a wider artistic range.

So, while the Adonit Jot Touch looks like the Adonit Jot Pro, including the removable cap, the smooth, elgantly machined body, and the thin, hard writing tip capped by a plastic, capacitive disk, a lot has changed on the inside.

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iOS 6 preview: Siri shares to Facebook and Twitter, launches apps for everyone

Siri was a bit of a tease on iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S -- while it could send Messages and Mails, it couldn't send status updates to Twitter or Facebook, and it couldn't even open an app. With iOS 6, however, Siri is not only launching on the iPad, but it's launching you into any app on your device, and posting tweets and updates like a social champ.

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BlackBerry Music Gateway for iPhone and iPad review

Okay. Yes. Sure. It's made by Research in Motion (RIM) and called the BlackBerry Music Gateway, but thanks to the universal standard that is Bluetooth, this mighty little marvel works not only fine with Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad -- it works fantastically well. You connect it to your existing home theater/stereo system, your car or camper audio, your boat or backyard boom box, tap to connect, and make with the music. It really is just that simple, and just that awesome.

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iOS 6 preview: Siri goes to the movies

Not many real-world assistants will help you find a movie to watch anymore, or look up who is in it and how well it's rated for you, not even Siri on iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S. With iOS 6, however, Siri is not only opening on the iPad, but its becoming a veritable movie buff to boot.

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