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Pictwo for iPhone review

Pictwo is a photography app for your iPhone that lets you combine two photos into a layered composition, giving your photos a new artistic flair. Pictwo comes equipped with several textures that you can combine with your photos so that you aren't only limited to the photos in your Photo Library. You can also mask out areas of the top layer to better blend your images together.

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Addo Slate Shield Case for iPad review

The Addo Slate Shield Case for iPad is a hard case with a couple of really convenient extras. First, it has a strap on the back that lets you easily carry your iPad around single-handed. Second, it has a kickstand that lets you just as easily prop your iPad up for work or entertainment.

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Us + U Simple Swivel Case for iPad review

The Us + U Simple Swivel Case for iPad is beautiful and innovative. It has a soft, plush design. It's not leather but leather-like, but what I like most is the smart hand strap mounted on a swivel on the back. It rotates any which way you like, which makes it really easy to carry around.

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CaseApp for iPhone review

CaseApp for iPhone is an app that lets you order a case for your iPhone that features one of your own photos on the back. It's super easy to use, the cases are less than $30, and they arrive at your front door in a week or less.

Before I jump into the case as an accessory, let's take a look at the CaseApp iPhone app.

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Magical Weather for iPad review

Magical Weather isn't feature heavy, but it looks great, provides 24-hr and 6-day forecasts, and includes beautiful background animations to help you tell your rain from your shine. Unlike the iPhone and iPad, the iPad doesn't include a stock weather app. Apple reportedly didn't think weather looked good on the bigger screen. Magical Weather is one of a very small handful of App Store apps that shows Apple they were wrong. But is Magical Weather the right weather app for you?

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Unstoppable Fist review for iPhone

Unstoppable Fist by Ragtag Studio delivered a ridiculous, over-the-top haymaker to the App Store today. This button-mashing endless defense game puts you in the well-worn loafers of a hero named Fist who has come to Earth to deliver flawless roundhouse kicks and precise jabs to eclipse-crazed piranhas, armadillos, bats, chickens, various aquatic life, and any other rabid creature that happens to enter his personal space. Despite his extra-terrestrial origins, Fist is deeply patriotic and drapes himself in the stars and stripes between battles. Whether or not he is related to Chuck Norris is uncertain, but not out of the question.

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Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad review

Earlier today, Google announced and then rapidly released Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad, leaving many of us screaming "finally!" Google Chrome is a very popular -- the most popular, according to Google -- web browser for Mac and PC. It lets you keep bookmarks, tabs, logins and more synced between computers. With Google Chrome for iOS, you can now bring that same personalized experience to your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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Podcasts for iPhone and iPad app review

Apple has released their own Podcasts app into the App Store. It allows you to listen or watch, stream, download, and subscribe to your favorite audio and video podcasts right from your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Before now, you had to sync subscribed podcasts from iTunes desktop on Mac or PC, stream or download single episodes from the iTunes app and play them in the Music or Video app, or use one of the third party podcast app. We recently took a look at Instacast, Downcast, and Pocket Casts. Let's see how Podcasts stacks up against them.

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Send tweets from Notification Center (on iOS 5) with iQuick Tweet for iPhone (giveaway)

One of the big features of the upcoming iOS 6 is the ability to send a Tweet directly from Notification Center, but if you don't want to wait until Fall (probably October) for it's release (or are planning not to upgrade), iQuick Tweet for iPhone is here! iQuick Tweet allows you to swipe down Notification Center, tap the notification, and send a tweet!

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Crabs and Penguins for iPhone by Coca-Cola review

Crabs and Penguins is a new game by Coca-Cola where you play the role of Hero Crab and guide him from a tropical paradise through a journey through the ocean involving sharks, sunken pirate ships, freezing water, and other dangers. During this journey, Hero Crab has a soccer ball with him and his goal is to return it to the penguins in the North. To show their gratitude, the penguins present Hero Crab with a Coca-Cola bottle to ride during his journey back home.

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