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The iPad Pro Experiment: Traveling with a Pro and Pencil is pretty much the best

Serenity's iPad Pro experiment continues with the ultimate test: A Mac-less vacation!

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Sonos Play:5 Review: Our favorite speaker system gets even better

As the kid of two musicians—and a bit of a dabbling musician myself—music is practically in my DNA, and Sonos provides a great way to listen to it. The company's newest speaker reinvention, the Play:5, is a symphony of delight—one that both incorporates current Sonos themes and sets the tone for the future of the company.

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Apple TV (2015) review

For the last few years, Apple TV has been the only way I've watched movies and TV shows at home. Since I live outside the U.S., that's primarily meant iTunes, Netflix, and AirPlay from the local network apps on my iPhone and iPad. It's been good enough, at least, that I've never felt the need to go running back to cable. But I've always wanted more. So is the new Apple TV it?

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The iPad Pro Experiment: Image editing, reading, and music

Serenity is ditching her Macs for her iPad Pro over the next seven days and chronicling it. Here's her recap of her third day with the iPad Pro.

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The TStand gives the iPad Pro a place at your desk or on your lap

If you need your iPad Pro perched, angled, or otherwise seated, the TStand, currenty in the last few days of its Kickstarter campaign, provides perfect coverage.

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The iPad Pro Experiment: Writing, email, and cellular data

Serenity is ditching her Macs for her iPad Pro over the next seven days and chronicling it. Here's her recap of her second day with the iPad Pro.

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PingPad might just be the ultimate mash-up of Google Docs, Slack, and Evernote

Collaborative documents editing, personal notes, chat, groups... they're scattered across three or four different apps. But it doesn't have to be that way. At least that's the message of PingPad, an app that rolls together document collaboration and group chat into one package.

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Magic Mouse 2 review

The new Magic Mouse 2 has one significant difference from the previous Magic Mouse: It now packs a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Because of that change, though, it's now lighter and has new "feet" that allow it to glide smoother than ever. How much of a difference does that all make?

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Spigen Tough Armor case for iPhone 6s Plus review

The Spigen Tough Armor case provides excellent all-around protection for your iPhone 6s Plus with a decidedly rugged style.

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Magic Trackpad 2 review

The Magic Trackpad 2 not only brings a new design and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it brings Apple's Force Touch—and Force Click—technology to the desktop. But with a price of $129, is it worth it?

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