iTunes 10 Ping social music network gallery

iTunes 10 is slowly, painfully going live right now and if you manage to download it, you can set up Apple's new social music network, Ping. I've done that (you can find me here), and hooked it up with Facebook Connect, and...

Meh. Unless I'm missing something fairly major, it looks like only the Lady GaGa's of the world (i.e recording artists) can share status, pictures, and videos, and get comments. The rest of us can find and follow friends, share musical tastes and buy concert tickets, but not much else.

Anyone else trying it and liking it?

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iTunes 10 Ping social music network gallery


So in order to try out this social network, you have to give them your credit card numbers? I understand that it's probably perfectly safe, but it's a bit rude.

@TravBot I know right, we can't even post messages, I was excited for nothing, at least this is one last service I have to worry about updating, twitter and google buzz are really enough.

I think that we should get rid of itunes all together, all these new features and stuff are always getting in the way. When you plug your ipod in - a box with folders should just pop up and then u drag ur music into the box labeled music. Or if you want videos drag them into the box folder labeled videos. Itunes we need to simplify not confuse me with new pang stuff!

Yeah so it looks like you CAN add "comments" to to your own profile for others to read, but not add photos, vids, etc.
On my iPhone I go to: iTunes>Ping>myprofile>comments
I'm guessing that "comments" is the equivalent to posting a wall comment on facebook or status update.... I'm not sure though.
When do you become an "Artist" instead of a "follower" only?? Do you have to have song on iTunes?

Good! The last thing I want is another social network. I'm sick of average people being given a voice. I hope it is kept restricted for top artists.
Also to judge a social network in the first hours of it's life is rather silly. Give it a few months to mature and fill out, but hopefully not with random people's postings I hope it stays just about the music and nothing else.

What's with the monochromatic face on this new iTunes? Everything looks faded and plain uncomfortable to look at. ...and Ping is a huge bucket of fail so long as it ties my display name on the "social network" to my billing account name. One of the easier ways to protect your privacy on social networks is to NOT use the same name that is associated with all of your bank accounts. Really, Apple... you couldn't have learned something from Facebook's privacy failures?

I think Ping has the potential to be brilliant. A social network of what you're friends are listening to. It's the perfect way to find new music.

jay, yes it does. But do I use LastFM? Nope, why? Because I hate having 20 different fragmented social networks, at least this one is built into a product I already use but does not try to emulate Facebook or Twitter exactly.
Most likely it will grow in some fashion to include all the different things sold on iTunes, I would love an easy, first party way to see what Apps my friends are using.

If you're a guy and consider Ping even remotely interesting and/or useful/fun, your man card is officially revoked.

This looks pretty bad. Would someone mind following me so I can with it some more. Just search for Kurt Cobain. What you think I should have become the 6th Justin Bieber???

Why i cant see Ping Option. I use iTunes 10 but i cant see Ping .
My Store is Russian . whats wrong ? how can i Active it ?
Regards: Art

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