This digital iTunes and Apple Gift Card comes with a $20 Best Buy gift card

Apple Gift Card Family
Apple Gift Card Family (Image credit: Best Buy)

Apple Gift Cards deals aren't as big this Cyber Monday as they have been in previous years (at least not so far), but we tracked down an Apple Gift Card Black Friday deal that offers a $20 Best Buy gift card, plus some free subscriptions to Apple services for new subscribers, which adds up to a pretty fantastic deal if you're eligible. Even if you already subscribe to Apple Music and New+, though, the $20 digital gift card to Best Buy is like getting free money.

Apple Gift Card

Apple Gift Card

If you already own every Apple product, but still want a gift card to pay for your music, movies, and more, this deal will net you a $20 Best Buy gift card, too (digital only).

Maybe it's because Apple's Cyber Monday deals include up to a $150 Apple Gift Card with eligible purchases, or maybe we'll see new gift card deals tomorrow, but I haven't seen a whole lot of discounts on Apple Gift Cards this year for Black Friday or the past couple of days. This Best Buy Apple Gift Card deal is the first one I've come across so far.

In previous years, you could usually find a $100 Apple Gift Card for $80 — that's the standard discount — but this year, it looks like Best Buy is capitalizing on that popular discount with a deal of its own; a $20 gift card to its own store.

For people that have never subscribed to Apple Music or News+, this deal also includes four months for free, that's for new subscribers only. Both Apple Music and News+ costs $10 per month, so you're getting $80 worth of Apple services for free if you're eligible.

Both the Apple Gift Card and the Best Buy gift card are digital-only and you must provide an email address for the gift cards to be delivered.

Even if you don't qualify for the four months of free Apple Music and News+, the $20 Best Buy gift card is a nice deal. It's like getting $20 for free.

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