Users complain of 'broken' German iTunes Store

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What you need to know

  • German iTunes store users say the service is "fundamentally broken".
  • They took to Reddit to complain about the lack of 4K content, original language versions of shows, and pricing issues.

Users of Apple's German iTunes service have taken to Reddit to complain that the store is "fundamentally broken" in a scathing tirade.

The initial post that sparked the discussion reads:

I hope to get some awareness with this post. The German iTunes Store is fundamentally broken. Many movies, among them classics like Jaws, or Back to the Future 2 +3 are to this day only available in the German dub, no original language Version. While the US Store gets 4K upgrades, we can be happy to get HD.

The post says TV shows are the worst culprit, and that users are unable to by shows in multiple languages, having to pay twice for the dubbed and original versions.

The rant also says that iTunes offers shows at the wrong price "over and over again", with the price of show seasons simply the cost of individual shows added together, rather than as the standard cheaper bundle:

Take Rick and Morty Season 4 (Uncensored) which was finally released this way, only months after the US store. It consists of 10 episodes, which cost 2.99€ each if bought separately in HD. The whole season currently costs 83.72€ because every trailer and bonus feature thingy is valued at 2.99€... Season 1-3 each cost 21.99€...

The complaint also states that iTunes customer support "is the opposite of helpful", and insists it has no control over pricing and copyrights for dubs, etc.

Other users soon chimed in to share their experiences:

I completely agree. Not every movie is on streaming services so I like to buy my favorite ones. I used to buy them on DVD and Blu Ray but I decided to stop because I had gotten way too many to store and 4K Blu Rays got 3x more expensive. I tried to switch to digital stores and didn't like Amazon at all, Google play didn't have any original versions and settled on iTunes which seemed to have the most. But with time I got more and more frustrated.Sometimes only the first movie in a trilogy has original audio and the rest don't, even though it's on the DVDs. The most random movies don't have it no matter if it's recent or old which is really annoying since I only watch movies in the original language. And with tv shows it's even worse.

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